How to look after care-leavers and young homeless people

This morning, I spotted this video in my Dutch news app (NOS News).

Daphne (22) used to live with her mother and brother and sometimes with her dad. After her brother moved out, it was soon time for her to leave too.

Now she’s living with Peter and Wietske, who’ve given her a room in their house in The Hague. Daphne rents this room. No other housing options were available to her.

Peter and Wietske have been taking care of children for a long time and say that they always manage to find a click with their young “charges”. They thought it was odd that the organization that arranges these matches asked them if they had a problem with tattoos. “That’s about the exterior, it says nothing about the child.”

Daphne feels free, confident and welcome.

This screenshot below shows Daphne (right) and Wietske (left), the woman in whose house she’s living.

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