Emma Watson is not alone


Those of you locals who still think that I have dementia, am delusional, learning-disabled or what not and am making up the idea of voice cloning may want to read:

Some of my Dutch WhatsApp calls were recorded in the past. It worried the other person on the calls too when I mentioned it because it was just really really odd. It happened two or three times that I couldn’t make the call unless I okayed its recording but the recordings did not end up on my equipment. I no longer use WhatsApp. The person I was on the calls with once reported me missing to Dutch police after hacking interference with e-mails related to my third attempt to escape from Portsmouth, but he did that in person. He went to a police station.

On one occasion, “he” e-mailed me and told me to travel to Florida, wrote that I could stay at his place until I had worked things out with my friend in “Saratoga”. First of all, he was referring to Sarasota and second, it’s not even Saratoga but Saratoga Springs, which third is many miles away from Florida which a geologist, Brown and West Point graduate and former US Army Major would most certainly know (and I was not working anything out with any person in Florida either, by the way).

It is not the kind of typo you make unless perhaps if you have a strong connection to the other place, which he does not.

We are no longer in contact and he ain’t stupid. NO need to go try and scam him, you scammers out there.

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