Collapsing homes

Four houses in Rotterdam are in danger of collapsing and have been evacuated; the facades somehow became separated. Traffic needs to take a detour to avoid causing vibrations.

Thankfully, the danger was discovered in time. There were one or two loud bangs, and smoke, the latter likely having been dust. There are no cracks in the walls, so the facades “simply” need to be re-anchored asap. The cause of their detachment is not clear yet.

A funny coincidence is that just a few streets from me, a house did collapse in December and the house next-door collapsed partially. Two people were taken to hospital. Cause? The mains cause was likely low-quality bricks, said Portsmouth City Council.

These homes are not in the Copnor area, as the third article says, but in the Kingston/Buckland area (and in the electoral area called Fratton ward).

In May 2021, something similar happened concerning a much younger (2013) house in Christchurch (with video):

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