Is this going to be my last post? Possibly…

For the record, I should add that I’ve also once gotten a FAKE court order at this address, for a power disconnection. There’s no telling which ones are real and which ones are not… The next one was real (but could just as easily have been fake too). When I asked how this came about, I was told that it was likely caused by ENVY.


Must be one of those typically English unfathomable things…

That said, there is a lot of sadistic pranking in Portsmouth, really vile stuff that is anything but humorous.

Also, for the record, I’ve already sold almost everything I owned. As I have not been able to support myself for so long and lost almost everything I owned shortly after I moved to Portsmouth (both here and in the US), that wasn’t much, but it’s all gone to Cash Converters (though I gave away a lot of stuff to charity shops, too). I also cashed out as many of my Dutch pensions as I could, just to survive. I also paid of half of a loan to someone who does not live in Portsmouth but who had wanted me to succeed here. I felt that it was horrible that so many people who have nothing to do with whatever it is that is going on here were being co-victimized and that’s why.

I already knew after my last escape attempt in 2018 that I would be homeless again. The only thing that I could be certain of in Portsmouth was more abuse, regardless of who exactly it was coming from. The person(s) messing with me were after my destruction, or at least after controlling my life, not after my success and well-being. That much was blatantly clear.

At the bottom of this post, you will find a video in which I explain why. It’s not entirely accurate as you will see in the description. I also look at ways to make money quickly.

I need a minimum of Β£3000 within three days, so that I can finally escape out of my stupid sadistic slavery situation and will not be homeless on Tuesday and dead shortly after. I was so desperate to get out that I wanted to have been away before the fall set in and the temperatures got too low, but hacker interference stopped me, in a cruel twist, when I tried to use the little money that I had to make more money so that I could get away. Had I just potted the money away, I might have had enough now (though I can’t move when it’s too cold, because I tend to cough a lot then and have little energy), but the point is moot.

Yes, I have done three crowd-fund attempts, but the most I got was Β£350 once and nothing at all for the other two tries. I also have a broken-off tooth that needs fixing but that can wait.

Anyway, how to make money fast? Most of the solutions mentioned in this video do not make you money rapidly.

Amazon. That may be your best bet. I have noticed that Amazon delivery drivers are usually pretty relaxed and often seem highly capable and educated too, but change all the time, so check your local Amazon vacancies. I made the mistake of assuming that you needed your own car for that, so I never checked into those jobs when I should have. Amazon even used to have sign-on bonuses when they were very desperate for staff; I don’t know if that is still the case.

Tutoring. I have done a bit of teaching, but I am likely much better at teaching grad students than teaching high-school students. I have been told, by a former teacher who I helped set up a website for an artist, partly over the phone, that I am good at it. I have taught stuff I knew nothing about until I started teaching it, and I taught it well, so being out of touch is not a real problem, actually. University teaching often requires you to teach new topics, depending on the expertise of others who are available and willing to teach, after all. I understand that online teaching can make you good money, particularly if you can teach Asian students in their language.

Be a child-minder. With so many women in England unable to work because childcare is so expensive, there has to be something some of you can do. Get your DBS check certificate: Does cost money, but a basic check is only Β£18 right now.

Music coaching. Check it out! Who knows?

CFDs. They are not available in the US. You can make money trading CFDs but the learning curve is steep and long – can take as much as eight years – and most people lose money. If you are good at math or physics, it may be for you but in general, I advise against it.

(I know that I can do it, but you can’t trade anything if there is hacking interference.)

It’s certainly true that you can sometimes increase your capital a lot in a short time, but it is hard to do that consistently and it is key that you do not balance your gains out with similar losses, which a lot of people do. I added 33% to a capital of only Β£30 recently when Pharming shot up to exactly where I had my take profit and I added 10% to my capital on a different platform last Monday, trading Forex CFDs, when I also had my TPs placed perfectly, but trading is very demanding psychologically, requires concentration and discipline.

If there is a hacker messing around with you while you’re trading, everything suddenly becomes about the hacker, about figuring out what he is doing and why and what his plans are, how destructive he is going to be. In other words, you cannot trade with a hacker in your system and it may take you a long time to recover psychologically if you do get this kind of interference. I got rid of the hacking during trading by threatening to let trades run bad if the crap did not stop, and then they first closed one of my trades at a pretty big loss, a trade of which I initially made it look like I was going to let it run bad but of which I knew that it would turn a profit eventually – and, yes, it would have – and after that, because they or he still wouldn’t stop messing, I deliberately put in a bad trade and let it go bad so that the broker’s system closed it automatically at an even bigger loss than the other trade. That really messes up your psychology because now you are focused on the opposite of what you wanted to achieve and it all becomes about the hacking, like I probably already said. You keep waiting for the hacker(s) to interfere, basically, and so, well, you just lose your motivation.

The advantage for me, of some things, has always been that if there is hacking interference, I am the only victim. If I am doing work for clients and there is hacking interference, my clients suffer too. Very frustrating is that people keep offering me to help me stay trapped while I so desperately want to be able to escape! I need to get out, get away, get my life back!

No, I am not going to empty the flat. My health has deteriorated too much; I can’t do it. I can even do less when it’s cold like now. Besides, what would be the point of putting things in storage? If I had the money, I could pay people to help me move my important stuff into a van. There are days on which I can barely lift a suitcase, let alone carry it down the stairs. Some of that is bound to be psychological, though.

Sorry, it’s of course not literally true that I never know what English people are going on about, but they do seem to have lots of hangups and other things that are peculiarly English and incomprehensible to furriners.

Feel free to share your opinion below, please.

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