Stalker arrested!

Just uploaded.

Hats off to the cops who LISTENED to this woman and BELIEVED her. A lot of cops would be like “Lady, you have an anxiety problem that borders on paranoia. You should be flattered that this guy is paying you so much attention. He clearly cares about you. When is the last time you saw a doctor?”

This guy doesn’t even see anything wrong with what he is doing. He sees her as his possession and she must do what he wants. He’s not well. “I thought she might be lying.” Dude! Get real! (This is not a matter of for example autism, unlike a few other cases that I have looked at.)

He put a tracker on her car on the 1st of September 2021, gets arrested on the 7th.

Seems to have been going on for years.

“Ho-ly shit” she says when she sees the tracker.

Can anyone UNDERSTAND what she FEELS like? What this does to her?

What can we also learn from this? If this were the US, half of Portsmouth in English Hampshire would have multiple felonies to their name.

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