Jezus F Kerrist

So a woman just started talking to me about the FBI and the police and the CIA.

I saw the flash in her eyes when I told her that it’s good to pick one’s battles wisely.

Stop this insulting nonsense please. Don’t you get it? I want nothing to do with a place where it’s seen as normal that males empty buckets of water or urine over women and yell insulting slurs at them and feel it’s not done for a woman to have a profession that is not a traditional women’s job (or support herself at all).

I’ve experienced this nonsense with a stranger talking to me to see how I responded once before in this bizarre misogynistic shit show of a town. I said nothing about it back then. Why bother?

(Later I accidentally discovered where this came from. Then I understood. This place is such a cesspit. Unbelievable!)

Yes, I told this woman today that my name is Angie and that I’m a geologist. Why go into a lengthy explanation of my full professional background? Doesn’t mean that I have DID or whatever bullshit you’re going to cook up next, Portsmouth.

Local average IQ?


Range 0 to 4 or thereabouts.

Yes, I look unwell. Very. That’s shame on YOU!

When I say I want my life back, I’m including my health. That is a thing that most people here don’t even get to experience.

All I have been doing in recent years was wait for the first occasion to get out of this hellhole and get my life back on its feet. Some of the rest was mostly camouflage, I suppose. I’m simply not the knitting and crocheting and embroidery and needlepoint type. I had to do more than that. Sorry if this offends your tender Victorian souls.

Holy cow, the misogyny here truly has no bounds. Yikes. 😬

I have met three or four smart and well functioning people during my time in Portsmouth. Two were working at the London Assembly (one of them calls himself a general factotum these days, last time I looked), one was a London-based barrister and one was a judge who liked cutting through crap. He called me a little feisty, legally speaking, made it a question. I replied “yes sir”. (Blame Clifford Chance, perhaps.) His name was Wilson, I think. These hardworking and efficient folks had no need to tell silly lies either.

You insult me, I throw it right back atcha, yes.

(I know how super sensitive Portsmouth is. That said, I am not making this up on the spot, about those three or four smart folks.)

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