How to spot bugs

Whoever’s been messing with me for so long once informed me that he had bugged my place. This was years ago. I couldn’t find anything. I installed some kind of detection app on the phone I had back then – couldn’t afford a proper detector because I had barely any income – and got mocked by the hacker(s) while I was using it. This may be a point to remind you that I have had many phones fried to death because the hacking would cause them to overheat.

They’d been picking my locks for years. I never saw it coming.

The video below starts with the example of an AirBnB in Ireland.


Something is off with the electricity in the flat. I’ve just had the light bulb in the same floor lamp pop on three consecutive days; the lamp was not even on when it popped just now. It is on a small surge protector but that surge protection went a long time ago.

Another one also popped yesterday, with a loud bang.

So there currently seems to be something in the circuit with a large resistance. I stopped using the ceiling light a long time ago, but when it worked, it would dim shortly after switching it on and I remembered the counter current you get on circuits after you activate it, but you don’t get that effect from a simple light bulb. It would also often dim and glow in a cycle. I found that I can’t play a keyboard in this flat because there was a very loud hum on it when I tried.

My location is Regents Park in London. I am not using a VPN (because that means that I have no internet access), am tethering via my mobile phone and am at my desk in Portsmouth. The Geolocation API on a computer uses the network routing addresses to estimate your current location. So how come that this often lands me in places like Edinburgh, Birmingham and Leeds?

I understand that this can happen with VPNs, but why does my connection/location often change before or after when I have interference on my screen or when I write about it?

I just tried to install a VPN again, this one has something specifically for my distro, twic, but it doesn’t seem to be really installed.

I also decided to activate this:

Okay, the following may explain my frequent location mismatches:

Google determines its users’ location by cross-checking the location of where the IP address is with the geolocation data it has of devices that use that IP address. If Google detects a significant number of devices using that IP address are in a certain area, it will change the location it lists for that IP address.

How does that translate into real life? Does this mean that there are many more O2 users in places like Leeds and Edinburgh with similar IP addresses and is that why Google thinks that I am there? My IP address is also always blocked on Wikipedia, btw, so I can’t edit anything without logging in.

Nope, the Proton VPN won’t install on my system.

Also… I just found a sock that must have disappeared years ago because I no longer had these socks or maybe it isn’t even mine. It was now in my box of socks to be mended along with two padded-sole socks that don’t need to be mended. (No other black socks in it, no.)

My lock-picker’s also taken a black garment with a grey heart on it once, and returned it one or two years later. He certainly has a sock fetish. Besides that he has recently taken about half of my black socks, apparently, he also once took 5, 6 pairs of colorful socks from my dirty laundry – into which he tipped some cigarette ashes – and later returned a bunch of black socks for them.

Anyone who thinks that this is funny should remember that he’s also destroyed things and attacked animals.

When English judges confirm prejudice and encourage what should not be encouraged

In the UK, people over roughly the age of 45 are widely demonised. In a recent court case, in which Wiltshire traders were jailed, the judge expressed the view that older adults are “vulnerable”, which is often a euphemism for “not right in the head” or “gullible” or worse.

Judge Jason Taylor KC, please refrain from automatically considering all older adults easy targets for abuse and fraud from now on. That’s despicable and it actually encourages targeting of older adults.

Targeting of older adults – mocking and abusing them – has become far too accepted in the UK.

On this page, there is a video in which the rogue roofers say “we’re doing some bodging”. Without explaining what bodging is, the nature of the video will largely remain hidden from anyone who does not know what “bodging” is.

What these rogue traders were doing was targeting people who they believed were affluent. These people were living in bungalows, in a position to fork out a lot of money, interested in having a good roof over their heads and who were usually at home during the day.

There is no point in knocking on the doors of people who are not at home but at work.

Affluence often comes with age, too.

A great deal of the British prejudice against older people actually has to do with the massive inequality and widespread deep poverty here, with the resulting health issues. This plays a bigger role later in life. It’s not age that makes a lot of older adults in Britain slow and fragile. It’s poverty (lack of good nutrition) and also lack of good healthcare.

This, below, is a more balanced way of putting it, “vulnerable” likely referring to actual early dementia and mobility problems. (Why not simply say it?) Having for example mobility problems makes it hard to stand up to aggression; if you do, you risk getting beaten up. This is why I would like to see organizations like AgeConcern offer self-defense classes.

12:09: hacker pops into my equipment

12:22: has been messing with me for a few minutes now, jerking pages up and down, blocking internet access. Time to reboot the lot.

He seems to be obsessed with these photos now, btw? Happy old me versus miserable, deflated and wary me?

15:40: My internet location is Leysholme Crescent, Lower Wortley, in Leeds again. West Yorkshire. Am not using a VPN and I am at my desk in Portsmouth.

This morning, when I walked past a woman at a bus stop along Kingston Road, she said something. No idea what. She wasn’t on the phone. Nobody else was around. As I was walking toward the bus stop, she seemed to ooze anger for me. No idea why that might be so; she was not anyone I recognized. It goes with Portsmouth, this kind of thing. I just shrug about it as much as I can.

Received an explanation from Stephen Morgan’s office

As will be very obvious to anyone who stops by on this site regularly, I often sign petitions, for matters all over the world. This can involve the sending of e-mails. PETA petitions sometimes ask us to e-mail for example Fish & Wildlife people in the US.

UK petitions ask us to e-mail an MP; the e-mails are usually sent by the petition creators.

I actually stopped doing that because I was getting a bit fed up with the bland ducking exercises I often received in return. Occasionally, I still make an exception.

That said, yes, I also recall having written to the MPs’ office about a plan to start selling NHS patient data or making them available to an American company or something like that, something that the UK government tried to sneak past the public during the pandemic. I did that from my gmail address.

Anyway, they just explained to me that they don’t actually reply to e-mails but create new e-mails and they use e-mail addresses that they have on file.

That’s why. Good to know. Every explanation helps.

Also, I was out for hours on Monday, but I haven’t seen any signs yet that the locks got picked while I was out then. (Someone was in my computer when I got home, though; I had left it on but I didn’t need to log into it, which I normally have to do after 15 minutes of inactivity.)

I suspect that the lock-picking bullshit ended on or around 31 March.

Here’s why: as of Tuesday, they’ll no longer be able to pick my damn locks anyway, the vile, sadistic abusive piece(s) of shit. Like I said before: I’ve won. My mistake was fighting back, because that made it more fun for you to destroy things or thwart whatever I wanted to do anyway. When I stop fighting back or do the damage you want to cause before you can do it, I take away your motivation and leave you with nothing but empty hands. I learned that last year.

(And then the computer froze again.)

Another day, and here we go again?

Or is this just another one of the strange coincidences that have been in my life since I moved to Portsmouth, such as getting e-mails from Le Monde longer after I stopped needing access to its databases and getting an e-mail sent through a Dutch provider that didn’t even exist any longer at that point (no relay)?

I just received an e-mail from Vastgoedmarkt (“real estate market”). I am no longer signed up to its newsletter; I was for a while in the past.

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Have gotten ONE response, namely from Stephen Morgan’s staff, and once again, that response makes me frown (Case Ref: SM32652) AND I got a strange e-mail from LinkedIn

On Tue, Apr 11, 2023 at 10:21β€―AM Stephen Morgan MP <> wrote:

Dear Angelina,

Thank you for copying in Stephen to your correspondence with Cllr Stagg.

You are already following the correct channels to escalate this matter. If you feel Stephen can offer you any specific support please let us know.

Kind regards,

I wrote back the following:

Dear office staff,

When I write to my MP from my business address, it’s because my gmail often does not function. You could be replying to someone else when you don’t reply to the address an e-mail actually comes from. What you do is incredibly sloppy; not even Boris Johnson would do something like this, I bet.

Also, in view of the fact that I’ve already been fighting this battle – along with many others – since when I moved to Portsmouth, which was in early 2009, I am not exactly holding my breath. No, I didn’t know anyone here; I had intended to throw a little welcoming party/reception/meet & greet for my new neighbours back then, but I never even got to that part.

I am shaking my head over these astonishingly amateurish ways.

Angelina Souren

They’ve done this before, these same folks, replied to the wrong e-mail address, which strikes me as utterly bizarre. I copied them in this time merely to inform them, agreed, not to get a response from them, but why on earth reply to a different e-mail address? That is so bizarre.

I also got a really strange LinkedIn mail – see screenshots below – with some information in it that IS related to me. That e-mail mentions one person who I know (redacted below), but with a profile description from many years ago (over a decade). The person in question is retired now and has been for some time.

This happens to be the same person of who my WhatsApp calls were recorded a few times by an unknown third party. This happened four to five years ago and it made both of us uncomfortable. On one of those occasions, the battery of my phone got so HOT that the phone shut down during the call. (I had two phones back then who one after the other got fried.) Our e-mails used to get messed with too.

All the others mentioned in the LinkedIn e-mail were people I didn’t know (although one name I think is that of an old student buddy of someone I know, but this person was not listed in connection with that other person).

And this was all because I think I had looked at the profile of a financial writer in Asia some time ago, to gauge how reliable some information might be that I had seen elsewhere on the internet? (This Amber person? Yes, quite possible; I don’t remember the name of the writer whose name I googled, but the person did turn out to be located in Asia.)

Makes no sense. One of them supposedly has a contact in common with me, according to the e-mail, as you can see, but there was no link to that mutual contact either.

Also, in spite of my contact count saying “5”, I removed all my LinkedIn contacts two or three years ago to protect them against the hacking. I should have done that years ago, at the first sign of hacking activity. So stupid of me that I didn’t. Really really stupid. But then again, who expects years and years and years of relentless targeted hacking? I certainly did not see that coming.

I know the person on the left – data redacted; whited out – but what was shown in the e-mail is NOT his actual LinkedIn profile. The description in his actual profile is different and there is a profile photo in the actual profile.
(This connection between these two people and a finance writer in Asia I don’t get… Anyone?)

I had meanwhile also contacted with regard to e-mails I was getting that I had doubts about, and they replied that they’re genuine. The activities mentioned in the mails do not show up in my account, though, and when I searched for the involved researchers on the web and in the Academia site, they did not show up either.

A few days ago, as already mentioned, I received a really strange direct message from LinkedIn staff. I reported it but LinkedIn e-mailed back to say that all is well and that I can block the person if I want. Huh? Okay, that may just be a bot or a trainee who messed up, then, but it was still strange, something to do with the European Central Bank, among other things.

Ha ha (LinkedIn)

Looks like there’s been hacker activity in my LinkedIn account again, too. Dated 3 April.

To specify: I received a message from someone claiming to be part of LinkedIn, who asked me to participate in something to do with the European Central Bank and in something else, to do with conflict resolution, within the LinkedIn context of article creation. (There were links but I didn’t click on them.) I contacted LinkedIn and they said that they saw nothing wrong with the message I’d received and that I could block the user if I wanted to. The latter seems to confirm that this person was mostly definitely not a LinkedIn employee.

I stopped using LinkedIn two years ago or so.

I should have stopped using it after Jair Roxo, one of my oldest contacts on LinkedIn, someone I had actually worked with, which understandably must have seemed very unlikely to that hacker, had been replaced by a week-old contact with a very different face.

There’s been a heck of lot of nonsense in my LinkedIn account since.

Where “the internet” thinks I am when I give it access to my location

Next morning (10 April), 09:20: now I at Leysholme Crescent, Lower Wortley, in Leeds.

Question: A thought struck me… Do I need to interpret this as “Lee’s home”? (Lee is the name the person who’s been popping up in my life since 2008 and who seems to be based in Winchester Road in Portsmouth gave me when he first approached me openly digitally, which was by a text message in 2011.)

Do I need to read “Lower Wortley” as “lower worth Lee”? As he does seem to have some issues in that respect? Who is this person and why does nobody in Portsmouth know him? What is his story? (Besides that he’s a hacker.) I’d still like to know.

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Nope, still not Covid

As I am really feeling quite crappy and cold during the day, often achy overnight and particularly my muscles are acting up and I still had some left-over laminar flow tests, I decided it might be a good idea to check if it was Covid. Would have been good information to have, if it was. (Whatever this is, it started 8 to 10 days ago.)

Nope, it ain’t. Okay, now I know this.

9 April 2023, 09:23: more hacking activity

I’ve just discovered comments from 2 and 4 years ago on my YouTube channel that I don’t think I’d ever seen before. One of those videos was from before my most recent attempt to escape from Portsmouth. I played the penny whistle in it. (I stopped playing after that escape attempt because I now have a strong tendency to associate music and musicians with narcissistic, misogynistic abuse.)

I also just discovered that most of the information on my home page has once again been removed by the hacker(s). It seems to have been done overnight, but as I can tell that I am on someone else’s network again, it’s quite possible that the information has only disappeared on MY screen. The information has disappeared on my “editing” screen, but is still there when I look at the actual page, even after reloading it.

The same thing has happened before, by the way, fairly recently. What’s the message. That all I am now is a victim of Portsmouth-based abuse? That the confident happy smile has been wiped off my face forever? That I’m just a piece of excrement?

Have been logged out of my Wikipedia account.

(Still producing a shitload of mucus and coughing my lungs out, btw, but am slowly getting more air again, I think.)

09:30: Now the info is showing up again in my editing screen. Someone’s fucking with me.

For the record, the page had stopped after the bit where I say that Vernon-Jackson seemed to believe that I was learning-disabled and continued where it shows the photos of what I looked like when I moved to Portsmouth.

I’m going to remove these particular bits now, the bits that have now been removed from my editing screen twice, and will place them on a separate page.

Hacker appears to be in my computer while I am typing this, but I only have one indication for it and that one does not give 100% certainty. Removing stuff from my screen, in my browser, can be done remotely by simply connecting me to a mirror instead of to the actual page. I know how that works; I’ve used the program httrack in the past.

Httrack is a website copier, an offline browser. You can edit the pages that you’ve downloaded and it’s easy enough for my hacker(s) to connect me with a version of webpages that they’ve amended. Why? To trip me up and/or to make me sound like an idiot.

09:42: have all my tags disappeared?

09:45: Now the home page has been completely rearranged in my editing screen…

20:52: hacker interference again

A post that I wanted to edit on this site opened, then closed, then opened again and opening it took “forever” to start with.

So far, since 2009 already, there’s always been retaliation when I talked about what was going on in Portsmouth, what was being done to me.

I have in the past called myself Portsmouth’s Bijan Ebrahimi a few times, and that’s quite correct. I’m still alive but that may well be the main difference between his situation and mine.

Watch this: it may make your day

Very well handled by both teen and cops and yes, it’s worth watching to the end. That’s when officers even go around talking to neighbors to make sure no weird rumors start spreading and everyone can continue to feel safe.

Boon County officers can teach the rest of the world a lesson. Excellent stress management at that Sheriff’s office. Nobody showing signs of PTSD or any other issues. Remember, they were expecting the worst.

8 April: here we go again

07:07: I’ve just started up my computer. The first thing I discover is that I’ve been logged out of this site, and out of one of my protonmail accounts. The next thing I discover is this mail that is not from; unless they’ve gotten hacked, and this is not done by my hacker(s), how is this possible? (Let’s contact them.)

What this means is that I should probably go through this website to see what’s been changed or removed by my hacker. I also need to check out my YouTube account, because once again, it looks like someone has messed with that as well. It’s happened before.

08:08: Yes, have been logged out of my YouTube / gmail account as well. (I had done a search on YouTube this morning, on a whim and what I found surprised me, such as subtitles missing that I remember having added and, possibly, old videos online. This has happened before.)

08:10: Of course, Google believes that I am in Liverpool. I am not using a VPN for this particular connection. I tether, location is on and I am at my desk in Portsmouth.

08:50: I’ve also been logged out of the Guardian.

10:09: I repeat, the e-mail below is fake. I have received this one before, too, and many more like it.

10:22: I have also been logged out of

Physically, I seem to be doing better today. Yesterday, I was a wreck, but how much so only became clear when I went outside to go to Aldi. I took an allergy pill in the afternoon, two NACs in the evening and two NACs this morning. I seem to have a massive inflammation response going on? In any case, I am getting air this morning. I can breathe.

I am still coughing up a lot of mucus, though, and my muscles are still a bit painful.

11:05: am watching a BBC video about a cult called Lighthouse

All of a sudden, I am watching a video by Mentour Pilot. My hacker interfered. Why? Possibly because the person who features in that video is based here? Portsmouth.

(“No,” I concluded when I decided to use the back button in the browser and started watching the video. It’s because it’s so similar to what goes on here in Portsmouth, whatever that is, exactly. There do not seem to be huge amounts of money involved here locally, but other than that, there are striking similarities.)

I’ve had two encounters with Landmark. It is similar to Lighthouse. No, they never got even a tip of a nail into me, let alone their claws.

I’d first been told about it (in an e-mail) by a marine science professor who was always extremely chipper, a very positive and outgoing person. Later, at an LTL meeting in Oxford, someone approached me who also turned out to be connected to Landmark. (The person showed up without having registered for said meeting; I had registered and was wearing a brand-new fancy linen suit, which I had bought at an unbelievable discount.) When we later met again in Oxford, for lunch and browsing books and/or an exhibition etc, I noticed that she seemed to be observing me very carefully, seemed to be looking at what I spent and perhaps also what I spend it on. (I bought Alice in Wonderland in a book shop.) Next, in an e-mail, she asked me to come stay at her home. That struck me as odd. I declined and I never heard from her again. I was a foreigner who had become very isolated in England and was open about that. She and I had things in common and initially seemed a possible good connection for me.

In Florida, I already ran into an undertaking (called Equinox) that advertised environmental jobs in a university newspaper. I rented a car so that I could attend a meeting, which I expected to be a job interview but was not at all. It was a stage performance with an audience. I saw that what they were saying, for example about drinking water, was complete nonsense, was spotted by folks who were studying the audience as someone who was not in awe. I was astonished to see the mesmerized faces around me. I was initially put under pressure to sign up by some men who later walked up to me, after this presentation part was over, but I resisted and when I attended a second meeting, out of curiosity, they decided to ignore me completely and let me go. The law later stepped in, but that was after I had left Florida.

What’s been said in this BBC video, about things that had happened in the life of Jeff, that’s why it’s so good to be well-grounded and not be embarrassed or feel vulnerable about whatever’s happened in your life. Tackle it. Work through any issues you have. See also this page:

That’s why I now have a page on my site about things that happened many decades ago. It ceased to be important a long time ago, but if people are being told all kinds of bizarre shit about you behind your back – as happened to me in Portsmouth – and if you are open about whatever happened in your past that other people may see as something to exploit you with, and show that you have nothing to hide, then you become pretty immune to all kinds of manipulation attempts and the people who’ve been told god knows what about you can see that something does not quite seem to add up about what they’ve been told about you. (At least, they will, if they have sufficient working brain cells, ha ha; not everyone does, of course, but seriously, when people firmly believe something and then are confronted with something that contradicts that belief, that can be so uncomfortable for them that they reject the new information, particularly if the earlier information came from someone who they trusted.)

Interesting (Good Friday 2023)

  1. This week, I am suddenly coughing my lungs out again and am having trouble breathing (and it seems to be allergic in nature as taking an allergy pill helps for a few hours ), am now also having some muscle cramps in my legs and sweating a lot overnight. As of about two days ago, I am getting commercials for very expensive organic, mycotoxin-free coffee. I have had these physical complaints before in this flat and eventually I started wondered if my lock-picker was somehow poisoning my coffee. So I started hiding my coffee (but I’d recently stopped doing this, and it may of course be a coincidence, but hiding the coffee does seem to have helped).

    Related is that I also noticed a long time ago that I have almost no water pressure. I have checked the water meter and it seemed to confirm that. I wondered if my lock-picker was somehow poisoning my drinking water and that he needed the pressure off to be able to add something to my water. I have taken a sample and sent it off to a lab; I should have done this years ago. Better safe than sorry. Better looking like a fool than allowing harm to continue without even trying to verify what’s what.

    (It’s also possible that the lock-picker decided to lower the pressure because dripping sounds from a faucet annoyed him. My ticking clock seemed to have been stopped too at some point, though it’s hard to tell why it stopped working; I thought it was broken and took it off the wall, but it later turned out to be not broken at all.)

    In addition, it’s possible that the low pressure has led to excessive toxic black mold growth inside the tap and its supply pipe.

    That said, I’ve had small leaks in my home, similarly – but more subtle – to what happened in the stalking of Tracey Morgan, each time discovered after I’d been away. In one instance, (green) mold growth alerted me to the leak.

    Remember that I have received a birthday/Christmas gift contaminated with lab bacteria (from a soil experiment) and that, among other things, various items in my flat have been destroyed or damaged – including a foldable stepping stool – and even electrical wires loosened (with screw lying in the cavity behind a wall switch that I had actually opened before to tighten those screws) and animals maliciously interfered with, and that my CoQ10 bottle was emptied. There has been a reference to “kidney disease that isn’t manifesting yet” and I’ve noticed that I seem to have lost the ability to sweat in warm weather, although the latter could be sheer coincidence. In addition, there was a hint about someone out there actively trying to destroy or ruin me.

    So I have good cause to be vigilant alert and can’t afford complacency, but admit that I am worn out by all this vigilance and suspicion, regardless of who or what exactly is behind the stuff that’s caused it.

    I have also had e-mails from two different people who told me that I should take magnesium; this was completely out of the blue in one case and perhaps a little odd in the other one. (One came from the person who sent me the contaminated gift.) I did purchase Osteocare about a month ago, but it didn’t seem to do me any good, to the contrary, and I stopped taking it after a few days.

    (I noticed that copper has the ability to cause muscle pains, chills and lung problems as well as kidney disease. I haven’t looked into anything else, and I only looked into it this morning, on a whim. I had the heat on all day yesterday and am freezing right now, too, but that does not mean that it’s caused by too much copper.)

Also, ChatGPT is even worse than I thought. It’s referred to an article in The Guardian that turns out not to exist (, by the Guardian’s head of editorial innovation) and it’s also referred to a non-existing article in The Washington Post about a trip to Alaska that took never place during which George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley was supposed to have sexually harassed students ( Who can he sue about that, I wonder?

08:15: am seeing a potential sign that there may be someone in my computer and there definitely was someone in my computer yesterday evening. There appears to be someone in the room under mine. (Heard a sound that seemed to be coming from it, but all is quiet apart from that.)

09:47: Computer froze, had to flip wall switch. (And yes, there is someone in the flat under me. Making calls and receiving texts, chats or calls. Possibly left at 10:03; door closed but not sure if anyone went downstairs, wasn’t paying attention.)

10:03: Google thinks I am in the West Midlands. When I allowed it to access my location, it concluded that I am based in Birmingham. I am not using a VPN for this particular connection and I am at my desk in Portsmouth, with location on my phone on. I tether.

10:15: Interference with my internet access? (I can’t update this post, and have to reload the page.)


Computer froze again, had to flip the wall switch. Rebooted the lot, phones as well, so am now on different IP address but am still logged in on a site where I don’t think I should still be logged in after that. (It is a site on which I sometimes very very clearly get messed with.)

12:30: new intrigue?

Now something else has popped up locally that is intriguing. Am not saying what it is yet. Could be nothing. Might not be nothing. We’ll see.

I have started to wonder if the flat under mine might simply be housing a group of Amazon delivery drivers. As Amazon provides the cars, that could explain why there are always different cars. It pays around Β£25 an hour, off the top of my head.

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Has the mysterious ubiquitous “Rob” just popped up again?

This comment does not show up at all when I look on YouTube:

So I can’t reply to this comment. What am I supposed to post on Reddit?

This is just like for example this comment below about cutting off my nipples never appeared on YouTube either. (It somehow just gets fed into my browser on my screen, pops up, but there is no link, not to the comment and not to the profile that supposedly posted the comment.)

(Roger Downey, of the motorcycle shop next-door, who’s seen me suffer for years, has watched me live without electricity and food, in ill health and utter powerlessness, utter misery and sometimes in fear, is one of the locals who knows about this particular comment too. He thought it was all hilarious and mocked me.)

(I was really really worried at the time because everything I tried to do in terms of income that would enable me to get out of my shitty situation was deliberately being sabotaged by someone out there and I’d previously gotten this message that suggested that someone was out to destroy me because it was so much fun to destroy an intelligent person. I don’t remember if I had electricity at the time; does not matter. The jerk merely mocked me, again. He saw how stuck I was and relished my misery.)

(So yeah, this, and all the rest, as well as men of all ages – strangers – grabbing their penis and yelling something really bizarre at you or just yelling something really bizarre at you – not every day but far too often; in fact, it’s only ever happened to me in Portsmouth – is also quite typical for Portsmouth. So, yeah, I want the hell out of this vile, fiercely misogynistic town with its stupid ‘drangheta culture. And I want my goddamn life back. I’ve mostly just sat here, for years, unable to do a damn thing, just waiting for the abuse and sabotage to stop. I have made FOUR escape attempts. I have contacted my embassy and I have tried contacting the United Nations about this, and so many other people and offices locally. I want out. I want the hell out. I want my goddamn life back.)

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