Philip Roger just contacted me again

He writes as follows, like last time:


My name is Philip Roger, Research director At reputable company
in United Kingdom , I would like to share with you some business
insights .

Please Kindly reply me on my personal email

Note: You have the right to quit by the end of my detailed
explanation and you don’t feel like moving forward with me.

But Trust me, you won’t regret it.

Best Regards

Philip Roger

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More abuse?

Why have I off and on had so much trouble WALKING since I moved into this flat? Why did this get so horribly dramatic before the end of last year? And why am I once again suddenly very unwell and can I barely walk? I’ve often blamed it on my gallbladder or on hay fever, but that no longer adds up.

Why did someone once let me know that I had “kidney disease that wasn’t manifesting yet“?

I thought the person was angry about – or making fun rather of – the fact that my GP having left a box (for kidney function which can also an indication of the functioning of other organs such as the heart) ticked in the form when he ordered a blood analysis for me back in 2016 or 2017. But was that really the case?

In fact, I had no idea what it was about until that same woman at my GP practice – you know, that one – made a pretty big fuss about it when I collected the results. (A year later, I discovered that she was part of the gang here in town that had and has been making my life a living hell for so long.)

And why did – with no connection to the above – two people e-mail me to tell me that I needed Mg for my muscles???

In a town in which people literally have tried to get me to commit suicide, I have to ask such questions.

I just discovered that someone today quietly climbed up the stairs to my flat, and slightly pulled out a box on top of my Christmas tree so that I would notice – because of the light above it – that this card below had been left underneath it, folded.

(hacker(s) at it as I am typing this; that is, seem(s) to have reprogrammed an arrow key on my keyboard, which he toggles, ha ha ha. It’s been acting up throughout the day and the fan did its stupid deliberate gearing up – wind – too a few times)

This used to be at my door upstairs. I had stuck it on the wall next to the front door as well but it got removed instantly and very deliberately stepped on. I had found these cards at the local CAB where I got… wait for it… never mind.

When I moved to Portsmouth in 2009, my today and tomorrow went up in smoke. Only yesterday was left from that point onward.

Boys Online: Parenting against internet misogyny

Why are sexist influencers appealing to our boys?

Online discussion (webinar):

“This panel discussion will be chaired by our CEO Jemima Olchawski, who will be joined by (left to right): Natasha Devon MBE, writer, presenter and activist; Janaya Walker, Public Affairs Manager, End Violence Against Women Coalition; and Elliott Rae, speaker author and social changemaker.”

I agree with Gary Lineker

I’ve been detecting that exact same tone too for some years.

The UK is not a place in which foreigners can feel perfectly safe.

Personally, I was met with xenophobic hostility from the beginning, in 2004. I didn’t recognize it for what it was at first. I thought that people were just disorganized (unprofessional) or just plain weird. Thankfully, not everyone was hostile, but by contrast, my experiences in the US were very different. The times were different too, sure, and Donald Trump has not helped and I’ve seen changes in people I used to know in the US too, I’ve seen two of them become more xenophobic, but I doubt that the US is as hostile as the UK these days.

Emma Watson is not alone

Those of you locals who still think that I have dementia, am delusional, learning-disabled or what not and am making up the idea of voice cloning may want to read:

Some of my Dutch WhatsApp calls were recorded in the past. It worried the other person on the calls too when I mentioned it because it was just really really odd. It happened two or three times that I couldn’t make the call unless I okayed its recording but the recordings did not end up on my equipment. I no longer use WhatsApp. The person I was on the calls with once reported me missing to Dutch police after hacking interference with e-mails related to my third attempt to escape from Portsmouth, but he did that in person. He went to a police station.

On one occasion, “he” e-mailed me and told me to travel to Florida, wrote that I could stay at his place until I had worked things out with my friend in “Saratoga”. First of all, he was referring to Sarasota and second, it’s not even Saratoga but Saratoga Springs, which third is many miles away from Florida which a geologist, Brown and West Point graduate and former US Army Major would most certainly know (and I was not working anything out with any person in Florida either, by the way).

It is not the kind of typo you make unless perhaps if you have a strong connection to the other place, which he does not.

We are no longer in contact and he ain’t stupid. NO need to go try and scam him, you scammers out there.

Collapsing homes

Four houses in Rotterdam are in danger of collapsing and have been evacuated; the facades somehow became separated. Traffic needs to take a detour to avoid causing vibrations.

Thankfully, the danger was discovered in time. There were one or two loud bangs, and smoke, the latter likely having been dust. There are no cracks in the walls, so the facades “simply” need to be re-anchored asap. The cause of their detachment is not clear yet.

A funny coincidence is that just a few streets from me, a house did collapse in December and the house next-door collapsed partially. Two people were taken to hospital. Cause? The mains cause was likely low-quality bricks, said Portsmouth City Council.

These homes are not in the Copnor area, as the third article says, but in the Kingston/Buckland area (and in the electoral area called Fratton ward).

In May 2021, something similar happened concerning a much younger (2013) house in Christchurch (with video):

Stalking: Watch this…

Just listening to this initially made me very nervous (because I too want my life back, though my story is very different).

I am so pleased that her friends and family were there for her when she got out of the relationship.

There is so so much that I recognize, the not knowing what to do, the contradictions in one’s own behavior and attitude, and particularly also the identity crisis, because your entire life has basically revolved around this for sooooo long and you no longer know what it is like to be able to live without constantly having to brace yourself… You need to go through a healing process and that can only begin after the stalking stops. After a rape, the healing process can begin immediately. Not with stalking. Unless the person dies, indeed, you never know when it’s really over.

Most police officers have NO IDEA what being stalked does to a person. No fucking idea.

You will have to watch this on YouTube. The two creators of this podcast (which has a video version on YouTube) are very strict about a lot of stuff. I am sure that’s because they learned a lot of things the hard way.

14:38 – 14:48: the sadists are at it again

Stupid sadistic losers. Whiny pants itty bitty incel babies.

I know EXACTLY where it’s been coming from for all these years.

Unfortunately, the local police are as corrupt and misogynistic as hell as well (as is almost everyone else in this vile sadistic shit show of a town so it’s not as if it’s anything unusual).

Thankfully, I saw it coming and wasn’t gonna fall for the trap.

Important market data coming up, but as they can log into my trading account, press buttons in my account and do other shit, they can cause a lot of havoc and they love it. They love causing as much frustration as possible, love thwarting what you want to do. (So, no, to spell it out, I didn’t trade the data.)

This abuse is vile and sadistic. Intended to hurt. Intended to cause as much loss in my life as possible, of any kind, from my cherished possessions in the US to my friends, colleagues and clients.

Also intended to manipulate and fool folks.

Nothing positive or well-intentioned about it whatsoever.

Incel-style misogyny. Targeted at independent feminists. At strong women.

(I am not the only female business owner who’s been targeted in this town. I’m also not the only foreign business owner who’s been targeted in this town and whose business got killed in this town. The city council prefers to pretend that none of this is happening.)

I’d tried to download the latest custom software earlier (to see if I could get 2FA to work in that), and couldn’t. There had to be a reason for that, for not being able to download it. Has worked before, after all and there is no reason why it should not work, but all I got was a white page this time, no matter what I tried.

So I didn’t do what they hoped I would do.

So then they tried to trick me into it, possibly, as follows.

  • Computer fan started gearing up like crazy for no reason in the run up to the data
  • (they’ve done that many times before, also in connection with market data, yes; my hacking includes a great deal of hardware-hacking, rather than just software-hacking)
  • So I closed everything down and rebooted
  • Turned out to have lost internet connection completely (I know why)
  • Saw my phone signal – I tether via wifi because I have to – in the air in duplicate (my computer saw two instances, yes; I suspect that they’ve tricked my computer into logging into the wrong one) and a new wifi signal called “sourov” (I’m the foreign danger)
  • I’d earlier (this morning) already gotten some stupid “nah nah nah nah nah” stuff

(They also sometimes feed me false information, just for the lulz)

Why they don’t just kill me? Nah, much more fun to slowly torture someone to death in all sorts of ways.

17:45: I ended up spending another 75 bucks on fighting this sadistic bullshit again. Besides the loss of income, it also costs me quite a bit of money in terms of constantly being forced to buy new equipment to try to keep this malicious interference out of my life. If I don’t at least try, I might as well commit suicide on the spot, goddammit.

Een uur later: 15 jaar achterlijke Engelse terreur. Ik ben die terreur ZO ONTIEGELIJK ZAT! Het is echt pure terreur. Als je hier een tijd woont, snap je volkomen hoe de IRA is ontstaan. (Natuurlijk zie ik dat echter als een waardevol inzicht. Je ziet hier ook veel spanning tussen Schotland en Engeland.) Godsamme, wat zijn die Engelsen sadistisch. Die gaan echt zonder blikken of blozen over lijken. Het komt me allemaal zo mijn strot uit! Maar ze zijn ook vaak stekeblind en steendoof, kennelijk, denken dat ze gewoon over anderen heen kunnen lopen en dat anderen dan braaf “dankjewel” zullen zeggen dus dat moeten ze soms uitgelegd krijgen.

(Je wou soms echt dat je dood was. Ik heb op 13 december een klein incident met mijn hart gehad. Van de ene kant dacht ik toen dat ik nog helemaal niet dood wilde maar ik dacht ook dat als het zo verder moet, ik dan echt niet meer wil en ik echt klaar ben met het leven en volkomen tot sterven bereid. De dood doet me helemaal niets meer, het idee om dood te zijn of dood te gaan. Er zitten voor mij alleen nog maar positieve kanten aan vast. Doodgaan lijkt me echt heerlijk.)

(Ik heb hier lang geleefd met een heel grote voorraad paracetamol. Zo hield ik het vol, wetend dat als ik de terreur echt niet meer aan kon en ik geen microgrammetje hoop meer had voor een betere toekomst ik die paracetamol kon grijpen. Zo heb ik hier jaren geleefd, met een hoop paracetamol als een soort god of troost of verlossing of wat dan ook, als steun. Ik heb die pillen een tijd geleden weggemieterd; ze waren inmiddels erg oud en je gaat niet per se dood van een berg paracetamol als die voor jou toevallig niet groot genoeg blijkt te zijn.)

(Momenteel gebruiken ze trouwens het, mogelijk Russische, jongetje en zijn maat en zijn vriendin in de flat onder mij om me te “na te doen”, anderszins in de zeik te zetten en me te terroriseren. Ze denken dat ik achterlijk ben dus doe ik of mijn neus bloed. (Hij zal het ook wel zijn die tegenwoordig de sloten pikt, dan.) Vandaag, toen ik de computer uitzette en vervolgens zag wat er precies in de lucht was, deed hij – althans, een jongeman in die flat – luidkeels alsof hij moest braken en toen rende hij de woning uit; het hacken gaat te opvallend vaak gepaard met het in- en uitrennen van jonge lieden in de flat onder me en het stroomcircuit wordt gebruikt om mijn offline computer te benaderen; ja, zo van de pot gerukt zijn ze bezig, die plaatselijke klootzakken. Daarvoor was het die bullebak Danny boy, een hacker en gamer, maar ik geloof niet dat hij veel meer kon dan in oude en dus volledig onbeschermde mobiels hacken. Hij was niet al te snugger; hij deed braaf wat hem aan de telefoon werd gezegd dat hij moest doen (ik hoorde hem een keer, toevallig). Die rotzooide echter ook met mijn post; ik heb hem een keer op heterdaad betrapt. Ik denk dat hij aan de hackmeister doorgaf wat voor post ik kreeg en dat ze dan keken of daar op de een of andere manier mee te rotzooien was, zoiets. Maar er zit ook een venijnige en mogelijk niet helemaal goed sporende postbode in het plaatselijke terreurnetwerk.)

PS locals, yeah, sure kids, 1 buck per month is way more than 20 bucks per day… I wish I could agree on that kind of arithmetic instead of on agreeing that your high-school education sucked pretty badly, apparently. But it ain’t that… It’s sheer malice, what’s behind it.

Just spent another 40 pounds, turned out to be completely wasted.

Wayne Shorter


I read about it in the Dutch news.

Haven’t seen it on the sites of CNN, the BBC and The Guardian. Weird!!!

Updated on 4 March:

Shorter was nominated for 23 Grammy Awards and won 12. His first nomination was in 1973. His most recent win was in January 2023, for best improvised jazz solo performance (“Endangered Species”).

However, CNN and The Guardian apparently did not consider his death world news or breaking news. By contrast, Dutch NOS news did and posted it on 2 March 2023. (It was one of the first things I read after I woke up on 3 March.) By this morning, on 4 March 2023, the BBC had put it on the front page of its site too, but it was not there yesterday.

The Guardian included it on the site on 3 March 2023, but you have to search for it in order to find it. Similarly, if you search on the CNN site, you can find the news too:

I usually visit the sites of The Guardian and the BBC about 5 times per day, if not more, and the CNN site 2 or 3, if not more. I visit the NOS site a lot because it often has more global and general news and a more neutral tone than the BBC site and the site of The Guardian.

And this stupid fucking moron should finally shut his fucking vile trap, too!

Boris Alexander de Pfeffel Johnson. This worm should shut up and crawl back into the woodwork. I have had more than enough of his vile hate-mongering, too. Isn’t even capable of tying his shoes, for crying out loud. Too fucking complicated for him.

All he does is sow hate and division.

CNN’s recently written about how the country is still reeling from the results of his disasters and there he is, popping up again with his stupid inane bullshit. Enough!

That guy too, now that’s what I call fucking demented.

I have no more patience for bullshit. None.

As a result of Johnson’s demented bullshit, Britain is falling behind further and further and further. Poland and Slovenia are overtaking it.

Yep, dude, that IS called “taking back control” and revealing the bullshit and chaos and incompetence for all the world to see. That is exactly what it is. Turning the country into a sinkhole. The sinkhole has control of itself. Sure.

Everyone else avoids it.

(That’s what I call deluded and deranged, Mr Johnson. Or just plain greedy, if you look at it on a much smaller scale.)

Oh! Ha ha ha ha!

Now I know why I was getting all those loan offers for which I knew I couldn’t possibly be eligible…

(Always needing to rub it in, nah nah nah nah nah.)

Unfortunately, most people still think as if we are still driving horse-drawn carts and writing with feathers and fountain pens. They have no idea…

(Now I also know what those few male youngsters’ faces were about that I’ve encountered in the past week or so, I bet. Nah nah nah nah nah.)

(I wondered what was up.)

(They clearly weren’t getting it. They’ll never do, I’m sure.)

The bigger picture: Covid from a lab or not?

The bigger picture is that the more we abuse and otherwise mess with other species and their habitats, the more it comes back to bite us humans.

That the US needs to find out whether China is into some secret biological warfare stuff, that I get, though.

(Why the US? It is the only other super power – Russia is mostly a big pain in the behind, not quite a superpower, albeit a worrisome pain in the behind – and it has a pretty big presence in that part of the world, as we saw on CNN the other day, when CNN crew was on board of that American plane that got intercepted by a Chinese fighter jet over the Taiwan Strait. The pilots said that they get this stuff all the time, that it was just another day at the office for them. That the US does that, has a presence there is to help protect Taiwan, but also the Philippines and other countries, as China tries to claim territories as well as waters that aren’t China’s, kinda like Russia is trying to claim Ukraine.)

This is worrisome: Li-ion battery fires on the rise. Don’t charge e-bikes and scooters overnight.

Why? Because if they catch fire or explode, the resulting fire can develop so quickly that you may not have time to get out of the house.

If you charge it while you’re away and it blows up or catches fire, and you’re in a freestanding home, at least only the home would be damaged.

A plane that had just taken off from San Diego, for Newark, had to return a few weeks ago when a battery pack or a battery in a laptop caught fire. Four cabin crew were taken to the hospital as a precaution.

They had manage to stop the fire by putting the object into a thermal containment bag, but I could imagine that that sounds much easier than it is in reality.

Watching this video made me realize that it’s far worse than I thought. Hmm.

Hampshire, November 2022

Roald Dahl’s work: My take

Leave the books unchanged. They represent the era in which he wrote the books and as such will show readers that times have changed.

Editing his works is an insult to the creativity of the author and in spirit almost, albeit not quite, akin to removing references to the Holocaust from books.

It’s not as if he wrote in incomprehensible medieval English after all.

I don’t think I’ve ever read any of his works but I can imagine that editing them may also take part of their charm away.

I believe that the publisher has now decided to publish both the original and the edited versions. That’s a good compromise, as long as their covers make very clear that the latter books have been edited.

This was also in the news in the Netherlands, along with the bit below, which I’ve seen mentioned on the CNN site as well.

(Vegetables and fruit rationed in British supermarkets)
(a few hours later)
When you click on the article, you get to see this…

How hackers think

This one in the video immediately below was based in Canada. Was working as an IT guy at Canada’s National Research Council (!) when he was already shipping and selling huge amounts of drugs. Got arrested, went to prison, then got himself a job as an IT guy at Public Services and Procurement Canada (!).

He targeted hospitals, medical research institutes and other organizations during the pandemic, at a point when a lot of people were tired and anxious.

Recent ransomware: Netwalker (2020 onward, roughly)
Earlier ransomware: Wannacry (2017)

Yes, it’s true that the NHS still had a lot of Windows XP computers at the time and that that was why it was so vulnerable.

I’ve read that more recently, it still had a considerable number of computers and laptops relying on Windows XP. (See for example this article in Computer Weekly, 2019.) So did the UK’s court system. So did police forces. (See for example this article, 2019.)

Back in 2020, many ATM machines still did too:

Did you know that the checkouts at the Asda in Portsmouth used to run on Windows XP too, until they did that big makeover a few years ago? (Yes, I’ve seen it, and should have taken a photo, but didn’t.) I wonder how many supermarket checkouts currently still rely on Windows XP.

Tesco did too. See below.

Year unknown

While I was looking on the web to see how many store self-checkouts still use Windows XP, this popped up for those who need an explanation of what for example Windows XP is:

The problem is not so much that they’re running XP. The problem is when those systems no longer receive updates. Microsoft used to have special maintenance contracts for organizations that continued to run XP after its “expiry date”, such as the British and Dutch government, but I doubt that it still does that.

Now, to end with, here is a ransomware story that will make you smile:

This attack used EternalBlue.

Want more? Then watch this. About an attack of a very different nature.

24 February 2023: Ouch. Big Dutch data theft involved someone who people did not see this coming from… He worked at the Dutch Institute for Vulnerability Disclosure, but he didn’t abuse data there as far as people are able to tell at this point. (It’s not that easy to get access to data there other than when you’re really working closely with specific data.) His access was blocked as soon as folks found out. He was seen as a pleasant colleague who gave off no signs whatsoever that he might be doing things that he shouldn’t be doing.


Do you know who alerted us to the problems with these forever chemicals? The people who were living near the plants where they are manufactured and… pet bird owners. It was not instantly clear what caused it, but pet birds started dying horrible deaths because their owners used non-stick cookware. These pet birds served as the canaries in this coalmine. Eventually, avian vets and pet bird owners put two and two together.