Someone’s been messing with my HMRC data

  1. I logged in to file my VAT return – why hadn’t I gotten the usual e-mail from HMRC? – and found a message that TWO VAT returns were due! Did something go wrong with my previous return? No, turns out that the second return “due” is the one that I can submit as of 1 January 2022. That’s on HMRC.
  2. When I clicked on the link to file my return, I initially went to a http (no s) site that had nothing to do with HMRC. So I clicked back in my browser.
  3. Next, I started looking for where I can change my bank account for VAT refunds. I didn’t find it, but I did find a link for setting up direct debit so I did that.
  4. I noticed that my mobile phone number had been changed to something odd – not my number, but a number starting with 078 – and I also noticed that the email address for VAT-related messages from HMRC had been changed to an address that is no longer mine. WTF? I changed the phone number and I corrected the e-mail address and then when I had to wait for the confirmation code, it took so long that I logged out. I wish I had taken a screenshot but I was highly focused on correcting the information asap.
  5. When I then logged in again, I did find the opportunity to change the bank account for VAT refunds, but now I could no longer find where to enter the code for where to receive my VAT-related e-mails from HMRC and confirm my correct e-mail address and I can’t find where to change my password either. That’s on HMRC.
  6. The HMRC site also informed me that they only send out one e-mail confirmation code per 24 hours yet I received two different codes at 14:37.

Next, when I wanted to sign up for usability research, and clicked on the link in the e-mail, I got this:

That’s the kind of thing that I also got with the Barclays business banking website a while ago, only worse (making clear that it had nothing to do with Barclays whatsoever). I’ve closed my account there.

Charles/Charley/Charlie/Lee/Danny or whatever the the name is of the local person who is doing this: STOP THIS RELENTLESS INTERFERENCE, PLEASE. THANK YOU.

There is nothing you can still do to me that matters. You’ve caused me to lose literally everything and everyone that mattered to me. From this point onward, everything that happens is a gain for me, whether you use your hacking skills to get me thrown into prison or into immigration detention – that odd remark about messing with visas didn’t escape my attention and the UK/EU “settlement” procedure has been an open invitation to hackers from the beginning as it’s as fragile as bone China – or whatever else you may be cooking up. Homelessness too would be a gain because it frees me from most of your interference.

For anyone else: this does reek of classic sadistic stalking, doesn’t it. It also starts to make me see what that odd “For you. I would go to the police. He knows too much.” on my sim-less phone at the start of the year may have been about.

Feel free to share your opinion below, please.

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