More HMRC craziness or is it hacking interference?

I have previously reported – looks like hacker is currently in my system while I am typing – that I found that my contact details appeared to have been changed back to what they were 10-15 years ago. E-mail, yes. Phone number, not sure as I was focused on correcting the details asap, but it was an 078 number and I think it ended in 3641 and I think that this could be a number that I used to have.

I needed to change my bank account, which I managed to do. Then HMRC informed me that my bank did not accept direct debits! I checked – they do – but to avoid problems, I then changed it to one of my personal bank accounts.

Shortly after that, someone typed “I was” and “I was” after two things in a list with highlights about me that I was amending on my website, as if to say “you are nothing now.”

HMRC approved my VAT return, but continues to give contradicting amounts.

I just logged in again to see what it says and find to my astonishment “You were previously signed up for Making Tax Digital for VAT.

I did not do that. I have no outstanding return either.

(I’ve meanwhile rebooted to boot the hacker off my system, hopefully, and be able to type normally.)

That’s because I was going to call HMRC (today, as it happens) with questions I had about this after I looked into it. I found that I couldn’t sign up to it yet. I posted about this on a UK business forum, but received no replies. Is that because that post did not go beyond my hacker’s computer? It’s happened so many times before, this kind of thing, after all. (There was even a time when I discovered that my comments were only visible on my computer, not on my phone, but I currently have no access to uncompromised equipment, thanks to the pandemic.)

I still need to wait a while before I can enquire about the VAT repayment.

I did receive a letter from them reminding me to sign up to MTD as well as two letters that said that my change had been approved, without HMRC stating which change it referred to.

Yesterday, my hacker also interfered on my screen again. I want this destructive monster gone. Out of my life.

The stuff that is going on at the HMRC site is very similar to what went on at the Barclays business banking site a while back.

Feel free to share your opinion below, please.

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