My 4th call to HMRC VAT services

This time I spoke with Marina.

She told me that the repayment had been returned by the bank.

She also told me that the reference system was down, and that she had entered everything in a different system for the time being. She told me that I should refer to the EF system during my next call. When I asked her what EF stood for, she said “electronic folder”.

At the end of the call, I could hear her type very slowly on an old keyboard – okay, she may have been working from home – but she said that that was for the payment request. I could not hear her type when she looked up my details. She also said that she’d been working there for three years.

Then she told me that my details were incorrect. But it’s THEIR system that is having problems as I had also found bogus contact details when I filed the VAT return in question and had found a bogus message from them before. When I said so, said that it’s their system that has the problem, she hung up on me.

But I also said that I was wondering whether I was really talking to HMRC. My hacker was in my phone (and likely also in my PC) this morning. The phone went warm without me doing anything; it was just sitting there (after which I rebooted it) (and the HDD was rattling while nothing was actually happening). My typing right now is experiencing a delay again (before I appears on the screen).

She’s also told me that it can take up to two months to be resolved.

Here’s the thing. Similar crap happened with Barclays Business Bank a few months ago. Lots of strange errors, call requests, and then having odd conversations with people who didn’t even look up or type anything on a computer at any point in time.

9:56: I’ve got it. Somehow the BANK ACCOUNT NUMBER is now incorrect (also on my invoices, but thankfully, no invoices have gone out yet with this number). It’s a totally different number. The sort code is correct. But here’s the thing. I printed that info at the time… (I copied and pasted it into a document that I printed; I still have that.. The incorrect account number is not a number that I recognise.)

This is typically the kind of thing that my hacker does to make me look like an idiot. I then contact people – such as that time when I couldn’t log in to my own website because my login data had not been updated yet – and to them, I sound like a nutcase because everything looks perfectly normal on their end.

So I have to assume that it did have something to do with him. Because I had also found bogus contact details for myself at HMRC when I filed that VAT return. I know with absolute certainty that it was not me who entered that info.

I really wish that I could say with certainty that it’s ME who made a mistake. I really do.

(If you don’t understand that, you haven’t really lived yet.)

Have to go correct this info now in lots of places.

Banks sometimes mess up too, though. I once had the same bank account as someone else. I found out when I saw odd references on my statement. It was a savings account. Same account number handed out to two people at the exact same time, apparently. Something to do with hash codes. But that was in the 1990s.

I’m glad that I caught this today because it stops something from going wrong tomorrow. (I spotted something new called “proof of ownership” – which I might be able to send to HMRC after all – and when I clicked on that, I found the different bank account details.)

Yes, I do have the correct bank details now. I’ve managed to verify them.


Yes… It was not me having made a mistake, sadly. Turns out that I have another payment service actually connected to the bank account in question, with those earlier details. Should have given off a flag, but it is listed IN MY BANK ACCOUNT, as connected.

Okay, let’s assume that it was me who made a mistake. That feels a heck of a lot better. Period.

But… this sort of stuff started happening just before I moved to Portsmouth. It included me having paid, I think, over £1000 into a bank account here in Portsmouth and that money suddenly having disappeared from the receiver’s bank account, or so the person said over the phone. It popped up again a week later.

It’s also happened that a regular monthly fee statement from my business bank had the title “bond maturity letter” on the 10th anniversary of the day I met the man after which the stalking began (within 24 hours). But that does not mean that it was that man who then began stalking me, of course. It’s complicated. There’s some form of neurodiversity involved but from a distance, seeing mostly an invisible ghost messing with all aspects of your life, well, all you can do is guess. Not very scientific.

This all suggest either immensely extensive equipment hacking or very ingenious people hacking (social engineering). But then, it’s also happened repeatedly that I had to throw power off my computer when I was still logged in at a bank only to find that I was still logged in at the bank after I had rebooted and had gone through the three system logins on my computer.

There’s also this. My energy account apparently still has not been updated.

7 January 2021: WHOA. There is more.

I had USED the new account details myself when my Barclays Business Account still existed. I had wired money into it. On 16 August. So back then, they were correct? (A pity that I can no longer check what exactly I used back then. I obviously need to get to the bottom of this.)

Feel free to share your opinion below, please.

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