HMRC VAT services losing the plot?

  1. When I filed my previous VAT return (for July-Sept), I found bogus (very old?) contact details listed for me which I then rushed to correct. This is why I had not gotten a reminder, I’m sure and as I was stressed, I almost forgot to file and missed the filing deadline, but I didn’t. (I mentioned that contact data hiccup to the HMRC staff and asked if perhaps they had been merging or transitioning databases or something along those lines, but they said that there were no problems on their end; that is what the DVLA also said when things were going haywire. I assume that HMRC are also having Covid-related staffing problems.)
  2. It said, each time that 2 VAT returns are due. Nuts. You can only file 1 if you’re up to date. I can’t file my return for Jan-March 2022 yet.
  3. That small VAT repayment is still in the pipeline. Okay, it happens; was also partly my fault as I changed bank account. (When I put in my new bank account for direct debit, I later found a message from HMRC saying that my new account did not accept direct debits.) The repayment first went to my old bank account and went out for the second time on 21 December. I spoke with Julie (EMC5403), Natasha and Elisabeth, when I called.
  4. I just filed my next return, via MTD for VAT, checked the submission in my account, and it says “Correct as of 27 December 2021” at the bottom of my VAT return. It’s 2 January 2022!
  5. HMRC VAT does not have my business name but my personal name in its system as my “business name”; that is, it does when I log in but when I filed via MTD for VAT, my own name came up .
  6. When I then clicked on the links for managing which agents have access, I found this:

Manage which agents can access your taxes and schemes

Taxes and schemesActions
Reference: HMCE-VATVAR-ORG Change VAT Registration Details
VAT Registration Number: 860769981
Add reference
Making Tax Digital for VAT
VAT Registration Number: 860769981
Reference: HMCE-VATDEC-ORG Submit VAT Returns
VAT Registration Number: 860769981

What on earth is HMCE-VATVAR-ORG?
What on earth is HMCE-VATDEC-ORG?

Take a guess. Does it mean that someone has gained illegal access to my HMRC VAT account? Nah.


Those are the names of IT processes or procedures at HMRC:

(And now I am constantly getting logged out! Ha ha.)

And I had one erroneous redirect error message when I wanted to look at my returns. Was gonna send me around in a loop by the looks of it, “a redirect in a manner that cannot complete”. On the second try I succeeded.

And another screen told me that I could not access that page (that I was not authorised to view the page), but on the second try, I succeeded.

But I have to assume that things are okay, don’t I? It’s also very hard to call them.

What this is? Sloppy programming. I am weeping silently. HMRC’s VAT services used to work flawlessly.

The two error screens I got, however, could be caused by something on my end. My computer sending the wrong signal when I clicked on the link or button. And yes, I am pretty sure that I know where that comes from. You could say that it’s a different form of having “friends” with “benefits”. You can also get that kind of stuff when you have an iffy hard disk, but that would be only on on computer. Still… definitely something to keep in mind too. Maybe an iffy mobo can cause it too. But my money is on friends.

Feel free to share your opinion below, please.

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