Stuck in limbo

Read this post. As long as this is going on, all I can do is wait… because I can’t do a goddamn thing while this stupid abusive nightmare continues to go on. Because one day, it will stop. Because this isn’t about me. It’s got little or nothing to do with me. It’s only my circumstances (migrant in a country where I didn’t know anyone and not a wealthy person) that provided the attraction. It simply made it easy to target me for practical reasons.

I just logged into one of my online accounts and saw to my astonishment that it now had my nationality listed as British. (My tax ID had disappeared too.) This could be an innocent hiccup but this could also get me flagged as a potential money launderer or whatever. I have corrected this and have uploaded documentation. (The reason I logged in was because some of my activities were being interfered with and I wanted to start tightening my security. Better safe than sorry.)

Last year (October), I logged into my HMRC VAT account and saw to my astonishment that it now had bogus contact details listed for me. I contacted HMRC about this, to find out what had happened but never heard back. I also instantly corrected my contact details.

A little later last year, I also discovered to my astonishment – when HMRC couldn’t pay me my VAT reimbursement – that I had received bogus details for my new business bank account.

There has also been a period of several years in which I could not log into my Companies House account, forcing me to spend money to do what I needed to do. Companies House couldn’t see a problem with my account. One day, the login was working again.

In April, I had a Zoom interview for a project for a US institution, was asked to upload copies of diplomas and other documents (some of which I had to apply and pay for). That turned out to be completely bogus, one way or another. (I had checked into the company, had consulted with someone else and I also looked into the person I had the Zoom appointment with.) I later got an e-mail from them asking me if I had heard from them yet.

I recently received an e-mail that an online event I had planned to attend and to which I had been invited by e-mail (but was also listed on EventBrite) was going to be postponed to October. I e-mailed the person back and advised him to change that information also on the party’s webpage about the event. He wrote back that he would do that. On the original day of the event, I received an e-mail approximately 1.5 hours after the end of the event, reminding me that the event had been postponed. When I went to the party’s website on non-compromised equipment, that party’s webpage was still listing the original meeting date. When I went to the website on my own equipment after I returned home, it turned out to list the October date.

I don’t have a fixed IP number. This has nothing to do with the organizations behind this online meeting. This is about the abusive sadistic monster in my equipment not wanting me to attend or wanting to make me believe that the organizations in question didn’t want me in the meeting (which is bullshit). He’s done the latter kind of thing many times before.

(It doesn’t matter, but that is not the point.)

Most recently, I discovered that the book manuscript Amazon has for my latest book is not what I uploaded. (I don’t even seem to have the file that Amazon has.)

About a week ago, I discovered that my own payment details in one of my own outgoing invoices were now incorrect. (I sent a new invoice.) Also, that invoice had first disappeared into cyberspace. (had not arrived)

Some of my recent incoming payments have been split into 2 or 4 or 5 separate payments. Why? To suggest that I am obfuscating something?

This concerns one payment of Β£516.99 and one payment of Β£127.94, for example.

In late 2008 or (more likely) early 2009, a relatively large sum of money I had sent to a commercial party in Southsea was received, but suddenly disappeared from their bank account again. (It was important.) A few days later it popped up in their account again. My Barclays business bank account once listed its monthly fee and interest statement as a bond maturity letter; the date of that letter was 10 years after the date on which I had first met with a certain individual because I needed his professional expertise. (Note that this does not automatically mean that this has anything to do with that particular person. It is easy to assume that without giving it a second thought, but others have that info too.)

Also, my electricity price has not increased at all as far as I can tell. (Not that I am complaining, but it’s odd, even though it is true that I have cut back on my electricity use.) A few years ago, my electricity account suddenly was constantly being transferred. It always took me a while to track down who had my account. On one occasion I was told that I had been signed up to “Look after my bills” but that I should have gotten a letter about this. But after I transferred my account back, it got transferred again. (Various parties also kept telling me that I had just moved into the flat, while I moved into this flat in 2011.)

I’m also often getting a lot of online ads about highly specialized electronics and electrical components these days. How come?

On my 60th birthday, a project that I was working on got wiped off my HDD and my USB stick. I had verified that the file was on the USB stick before I shut down the computer. When I switched the computer on again, both copies of the file were gone.

Between roughly October 2019 and March 2020, incoming payments kept going astray, for a university client that I had worked with for over two decades. (I got taunted with this in messages. The screenshot I made of that disappeared from my site uploads at some point and I had to upload it again.)

At the end of 2019, a large project that I was supposed to start working on for a Chinese-American technology company (associated with Amazon) got interfered with. (Work I did simply disappeared, in a way that has happened before, but on a local public library computer and for a course.)

Last year, when I was at the local public library – different branch – and wanted to log into my LinkedIn account, I got logged in automatically. I did not have to enter my password.

When I was still using WhatsApp, which I also used to call a geologist in Amsterdam, I could never make WhatsApp calls without okaying first that the conversation would be recorded. If I didn’t okay it, I could not make the call. The recordings were not being saved on my computer. They weren’t being saved on the Dutch geologist’s computer either; in fact he was very uncomfortable with the idea that someone was recording our calls (and he is not very tech-savvy). The phone would get so hot during our calls that the phone would sometimes shut down.

As of roughly April 2022, something has been going on that really worries me (and that, by the way, may get others scapegoated if I talk about what is going on). I can say that it concerns payments that I do not think I am entitled to. They’ve enabled me to restore my energy level; my nutrition had been rather limited for quite some time and when you are getting older, that seems to affect you much more quickly (tendons, for example).

There’s also been a heck of a lot of nonsense lately about deliveries. For example, getting about 10 delivery notices or being told that there is a problem with the delivery or that people can’t find my address or can’t find the post office from which I had planned to collect the package. In one case, I suggested and asked if if was possible to deliver the package to a local post office instead, because that would be much more convenient for everyone involved if they had so much trouble finding my address. This was okayed, but I found the item leaning against my door on the top floor one or two days later. It made me feel very uncomfortable.

I can go on and on. This abusive nonsense began at around the time I moved from Southampton to Portsmouth.

It’s also included people getting into the building to flip the power off the entire building, a few times back in 2011, and then disappearing again. That’s relatively innocent, but still rather bizarre. On one occasion, this was preceded by two or three older men hanging out in the play meadow, snickering. It’s also included people emptying a large tub of ice cream in the building, on someone’s doormat (not mine). That was in 2016; it caused tension because people initially thought that I had done that. My water got shut off too, once.

There has been a weird bird-related theme and a water-related theme. The bird theme began when I was still living in Southsea. It initially was about decapitated birds only, but it later included all sorts of references to birds. Last year, a business initiative that tried to get off the ground again, only got me responses from a company or product in North America called bird barrier. I had sent letters and e-mails to a wide range of parties in the UK – and one in Belgium, I think – but nobody responded. It included a large chemical company that I have dealt with before, a hospital in Nottingham (about a project it had carried out), an individual in Gosport who had been involved in the Nottingham project and a few other parties.

The only UK response I got was rather dismissive or aggressive (and felt spoofed). I got that response in a later stage, as a response to messages I had sent about the use of garden netting.

(This was also more or less what happened back in 2013 and 2014, after I concluded that I had to adapt and start tending to needs that were specific to England instead of trying to provide services that most people in England didn’t even seem to understand or have the money for.)

Throughout 2020, the hacking presence kept hinting that “everyone thought that I was going senile”.

Responses I get are sometimes no more than “love it” or come from someone called “loveit”.

I have also gotten an e-mail from a university provost in the US, saying no more than that she was going to distribute my “pamphlet” in response to an email from me about scientific editing. That made no sense. Provosts have better things to do with their time and the person had just moved into this provost position. Years ago, my hacker suggested that this person had all forgotten about me and was no longer a good connection. (That was certainly true at the time, but there is no law forbidding you to try to rekindle old professional connections or send them a book that connects with an interest they have.)

I’ve even received strange warnings that suggested that someone (a narcissist, apparently) was out to destroy me, and one message saying “I am coming for you to cut off your nipples”.

It is even possible that this post has not been stored online right now. On this webpage, I posted a number of successes recently, to do with petitions and so on to achieve good in the world. That information had disappeared, I later saw.

Also, is it normal that you can only top up your prepaid call credit goodie bag after it has run out (which means that you need to go out and buy a call credit top up voucher because you can’t okay it in your app if you have no credit) or at least an hour before it runs out? This didn’t used to be the case. (I tether these days, no longer have fixed broadband).

In 2019, I saw a post in my LinkedIn account – no longer active – that someone (someone I didn’t know and had never heard of, but her post was forwarded) in London was looking for an assistant, to do with corporate ethics in the hotel world. I responded and met with the person in an office on Holborn. I was supposed to attend conferences about modern slavery and the like and report back. I was supposed to work from home. I was also supposed to keep the agendas of the other members of this ethics teams, from my home. I didn’t think that I could do the latter, in view of the hacker and disruptions on my equipment. So I notified the person in question that I couldn’t do the job. A few months before this, another animal had been injured with a rotary cutter. About a previous related incident, I had been told “you needed a kick, a big kick”.

Online account passwords used to get changed a lot too (not by me).

I repeat that as long as this is going on, all I can do is wait…

I am stuck in limbo. Often angry, often bored to death.

One day, it will stop. Because this isn’t about me. It’s got little or nothing to do with me. It’s mainly my circumstances (migrant in a country where I didn’t know anyone and not a wealthy person) that provided the attraction. Because that rendered me relatively powerless. I moved to a town where I didn’t know anyone but where oddly enough “everyone” seemed to have it in for me and started targeting me from the get-go and where odd rumors about me seemed to be circulating.

Why? How come?

Feel free to share your opinion below, please.

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