Hacking interference again, sigh

It goes on about 24/7, except on some days, it really stops me from doing things that I need to do or want to do.

He’s just disabled an app (program) again; has been messing with it for months. I have no idea why he’s suddenly blocked it again. This is just how he ticks. (Or it may be an accidental consequence of something else he did.)

It used to be that when I opened my browser, it would make the sound of that other program. I also had to open the browser first, otherwise opening the browser would close the other program. (That I can live with.)

Then he got tired of that.

This weekend, I found a very old, completely out-of-date course that I made in the past active; I’d taken it out of public visibility years ago. But another one, a more recent one was no longer available. (It’s quite possible that this only looked that way on my computer; I have to find an uncompromised computer to check such things.)

He’s (or they are, whoever the hell this is) constantly trying to stop me from succeeding in anything that I want to do and supporting myself. Constantly cutting me off from many people and organizations, digitally, too.

I guess I’ll have to go back to watching YouTube non-stop again. (With headphones on, as almost always.) What else?

PS. Never mind. I’ll survive, one way or another.

Next morning: What he’s also doing again is randomizing my input, this time on the one phone that I currently have that is still working somewhat normally – I noticed him accessing it yesterday morning, however – namely for the code that I use to access one of my bank accounts’ app. He made it obvious this morning. A 3 became a 9, for example. He’s done this before. (Wants me to get confused and think I am losing the plot.)

He always tends to go a little more nuts before Christmas, anyway.

— Oh. Does he want me to focus exclusively on making a new course…? Hmm. My brain ticks a little differently than his. No. That’s just wishful thinking on my part, I bet. Looking for something positive behind it. Maybe there is. How on earth would I know?

An e-mail I just sent:

“Thanks, sorry about that.

It’s basically become increasingly impossible to function in any professional capacity since all the hacking began. Whoever is doing this often won’t let me make phone calls either.

He’s just disabled certain software again, too; has been messing with it for about 6 months now. I run Linux on that particular computer; I just had an idea for how I may be able to get around this latest stunt.

A while ago, I contacted a medical practice via their website and I received a sort of “donald duck”-style response from a “donald duck”-style gmail address.

The past month or two, there was a tremendous amount of lock-picking again too. I found a candy bar dropped into a bag and a CoQ10 bottle emptied, among other things.

It’s not good for my health. I then stopped by at the leader of the local city council again, and one other place and went all dramatic. Next – or was that right before? There is so much of this crazy stuff going on, after all* – my internet access was disabled; my phone – I tether – basically became completely unusable. I had four phones at the time; I’m always buying new phones in an attempt to stay ahead of the hacking.

I currently don’t have even one phone that has not been compromised; the situation is completely unworkable, but there is nothing I can do about it. Police forces won’t investigate this sort of thing until someone’s been seriously injured or killed, because they can’t justify the expense. That said, putting such people in prison rarely stops them; it only tends to make them angry and more determined.

It feels really crazy to be trapped and powerless like this.

Have a good Christmas.


There’s been a lot more than this. My life is about nothing else but this, these days. Focused on getting through this crazy anonymous war against me. Battling the onslaught of weird stuff. It’s boring. Dreary. Depressing. Frustrating.

*It was after. The day after I ranted at Gerald Vernon-Jackson and at one other person – how else can you get anyone here to listen to you? – I received an email from an American geologist congratulating me with a football win. That’s the same geologist who for some reason often ends up saying really weird stuff about an independent professional elsewhere in Hampshire (and whose voice appears to have been cloned in the last year or so as far as I can tell, the geologist’s I mean).

18:00: In the course of the afternoon, he restored access to the program again, but just now, he was at it again. (When I wanted to post something funny, the thing about Trump, he stopped me and I had to reboot. I didn’t get beyond the titel, even.) Houdt die terreur dan nooit op? Word je toch kotsmisselijk van! Godsamme! Stomme achterlijke terreur!

22 December, 10:35: Text has disappeared from a document that I created yesterday. I had used this text on a website, but I suddenly can’t copy from it and paste it elsewhere. I’d heard him in the computer, half an hour ago or so. Let’s reboot. His interference sometimes has accidental consequences. It’s also possible that he feels that this bit of text was crappy and I need to come up with something better. How on earth would I know? (No, this is just me trying to find positivity in negative things.)

11:04: I can copy and paste again, but now I seem to have lost access to a particular course website.

Btw, I also have been getting some weird “placeholder” texts as of, hm, two weeks ago or so. Could be another of his weird ploys. Could be just a stupid things wordpress has suddenly decided to do. They get in the way of posting at times because they can be hard to delete. Stuff like “name your favorite two clothing items that you wear all the time”.

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