Update on the PUK code thing (disabling of Dutch and UK SIM cards)

According to a GiffGaff guy the phone was blocked by O2. He wrote that it was not them, but the network on which that phone runs, and the network is O2. (This matches with an experience I had in a local O2 shop at the end of 2016; one employee seemed to recognize my name when I asked for help with a SIM card for an iPad slot. I bought the iPad because I couldn’t get online in any other way at the time and I urgently wanted to carry out some payments.)

Can’t upload the photos (of SIM card and payment) anywhere to GiffGaff (yet), so I can’t get any help from them. My request was “closed”. I included some aggressive nonsense in my reply to make sure that my reply would get some attention.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the GiffGaff response came from “Callous” aka the Portsmouth incels. (He wrote to me that I had to go to Asda or Argos to sort out the PUK code problem for the Dutch SIMcard and the GiffGaff card. Yeah, right.) This shit’s been going on for years and years, regardless of what it involves, whether my e-mail stops working or whatever it is. Whoever is behind this vile local sadism literally wants me dead. Because the longer I stay alive now, the greater the risk that they will be exposed. (They expected to be able to drive me crazy, literally.)

(I’ve also wondered if they were targeting an autistic woman in the Netherlands as well. I am pretty sure they did because the stories I heard from her resembled some of mine. I have posted about this before. This hacker bunch – whoever exactly it is – is vile, really really vile and I can’t rule it out.)

There’s also apparently, besides the locally circulating deepfake porn with me in it, been some vile shit on YouTube. Will check into that next. (Found nothing, but I only checked my notifications.)

Btw, I cannot rule out that his Charles/whatever/Lee character is actually trying to stop them.

There is a theme in town with two boys on scooters (I think these things are called scooters, yes; “step” or “autoped” in Dutch, I think). Step scooter? One time when they passed me, one of them lifted up his leg as if he were a dog and he was pissing on me. This theme of little boys pestering me in all sorts of ways has been going on for many many years. I ignore them but the scientist in me notices them.

There also once were some boys on bicycles who, as it turned out, apparently had been sent to pester me. (I thought they were just being brats. I was not feeling well at the time and stepped off the pavement to avoid them, but they later raced by me and one bumped into my arm when he passed me.)

30 December: I did later get another response from “GiffGaff”, but I am so sick to my stomach of all this vile bullshit that I didn’t even bother to check it. If he transferred the credit to my other GiffGaff card, I would have noticed, after all, so there is nothing to check. There’s been more of this type of nonsense in the meantime, after all. (Overnight, yes.)

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