He is either at it again or the internet is broken.

13:21: The browser now tells me that THIS site is off line too, just like my zoho mail. (See below.)

(I made a screenshot, but he stops me from uploading it.)

Hacker interference screenshot

The image has uploaded, but he won’t let me add it to this post. (I keep getting some line about a missing alt attribute.)

Oh! Alt attribute = right. Alt-right.


He won’t let me paste the image URL either.

13:30: This site is still offline, according to my browser.

According to a text message received at 11:59, I have now – without having used it – zero data on the NEW SIM card yet 24 GB according to its website. (He did something similar with one of my GiffGaff cards last week.)

I can access gmail.

Thunderbird can’t access my business email either.

13:43: I can access the site of The Guardian.

But for the ad at the top I get:

“Hmm. We’re having trouble finding that site.

We can’t connect to the server at db1c7d3011fce211d1c9ff94e5854308.safeframe.googlesyndication.com.”

Also, I can update posts on this website, which supposedly is offline.

Okay, the internet is simply broken today.

14:58: I can see this website again and I can access zoho again.


12:48: Unable to reach one of my mail accounts (Zoho). It’s interface is also totally different. Is it down? (No.) For the record, I have not had its app on any of my phones for a while.

12:57: The Zoho website suddenly changed its interface back to the old version, but I am still not able to access my messages. Mail.admin says “server not found”.

In the past few days, I also discovered once again that at least one small tool has gone missing.

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