Around noon

Lots of interference on my computer again.

(I usually remove these posts after a while because I refuse to let someone else control every fucking minute of my life. Yes, sometimes, I am mistaken, which is always a relief, but I am only sometimes mistaken.)

When I get addresses via Freecycle, they’re always at a great distance from here these days, such as Old Rectory Road where I have been a few times to pick something up that had been left outside for me. (On the bins.) This means that I am away for a while. When I’m away then, the locks often get picked. The first time I went to Old Rectory Road, they certainly were.

(Things get destroyed, or taken.)

It’s also happened that I was at St Jude’s on Friday evening while the locks were getting picked and yellow stickers were left behind by whoever did that to make sure I knew about it, too.

The Person’s or persons’ lock-picking ability also means that there are 5 or 6 different routes to my front door, depending on who else is out and who isn’t.

I stopped keeping a record of incidents a long time ago. There’s nothing you can do with it, it gobbles up an immense amount of time and it hammers home how powerless you are.

You can’t take any evidence to the police either. “It will only get lost.” In Southsea, I kept one item in the freezer for some time and I’ve later tried to preserve a few others for DNA traces, but why bother? I threw them out in the end.

In a country where just about everyone over roughly 45 is automatically “demonized” (according to several reports), all crimes against you are effectively legal if you’re over 45 (and are not Rees-Mogg or similar). You have almost no recourse.

Feel free to share your opinion below, please.

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