Overall, inflation in the UK is now decreasing (second month in a row)



So, you may have thought “bollocks” when you heard that inflation is down and if you did, nobody can blame you.

Lots more data on this page: https://www.theguardian.com/business/2023/jan/18/uk-inflation-fall-masks-continued-price-rise-pain-for-households If you’re a man and have relatively small feet, you may want to try women’s shoes, for example. The inflation percentage for those is only 0.2%. For men’s shoes, it’s 5.6%.

The biggest problem currently seems to be the big staffing gap needing to be filled after so many EU citizens left the UK because of Brexit. It’s holding businesses back and even staunch Brexit supporters are now asking the government to be more lenient.

I’ve also just read that Workaway has dropped all UK listings because too many people now get stopped at the border and sent back to where they came from. If that happens to Workaway, I wonder if it might start affecting AirBnB too at some point, even though it works very differently.

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