Are you willing to pay for David Carrick’s police pension?

Neither is Sadiq Khan.

As tax payers, we would all be funding “one of the worst sexual offenders in modern criminal history”. He’s a sadistic predator.

Do we already have a petition going on this? Looks like it won’t be necessary.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has vowed to seek the forfeiture of the state-funded pension, reported to be Β£22,000 a year, after Carrick admitted 49 offences against a dozen women.

Home Secretary Suella Braverman said she supports the move and will consider Mr Khan’s application, arguing Carrick β€œshould never have been allowed to remain as an officer for so long”.

Robert Jenrick, a minister in her department, said the subsequently sacked officer could be stripped of his pension because the offending was linked to his position in the capital’s police force.

I’m amazed that Braverman backs the idea.

What net?

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