Algorithms and job applications

Algorithms not only help some online traders trade, wrongly or rightly identify people are likely to commit fraud or tax evasion and identify – correctly or incorrectly – health risks and so forth, they can also determine whether you will be invited to an interview when you apply for a job.

Did you know that?

So if you are for example like me, highly educated but living in what may be one of the poorest parts of the country, it can be useful to ask a friend with a better address if you can use theirs for your job applications.

There are all sorts of databases in which addresses are linked to fraud risk etc. Councils use them too.

Also, leave your DOB (and marital status) off your CV. It was already considered irrelevant when I was living in the US in the 1990s.

My home country was still running behind on this, last time I checked. Five or six years ago, it was often impossible to apply without DOB, which was against Dutch law, but I don’t expect much to have changed since.

Including your DOB can lead to discrimination. Having a foreign-sounding name, of course, can too.

If you want a way around that, BYOB.

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