Blackmailed by Bryan? Bryan.snapx, Bryansnelgeld or a similar name?

Then contact the Dutch police.

He’s manipulated and blackmailed over 100 young Dutch girls, ages 13, 14, 15 and so on. When I read this, I thought “He’s probably targeted teenage girls in other countries too”.

One brave girl went to the police.

This led to the discovery of what this guy – his name is not Bryan – had been up to. 150 folders of images, sometimes thousands of photos of one girl.

I assume that the folders all pertain to clearly Dutch girls because otherwise they’d have said something about other countries? Then again, maybe they simply haven’t gotten that far yet. That sounds more likely.

The police is still trying to identify the girls. Some have already been found and are joining the legal action.

This guy used social media like Insta and Snapchat. He contacted young girls, manipulated them into sending nudes (in exchange for money, apparently), also asked some to film the sex they were having, and then started blackmailing them. He did put some of the photos online when the girls didn’t give in.

PS Adults, don’t blame these kids. Ask them how you can support them best. Ask them what they need from you right now.

You may want to read this too, about how Andrew Tate, now in custody, approached teenage girls:

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