“UK retail sales pick up unexpectedly in December” except, they didn’t…

No, not really.


The ONS numbers were released this morning. UK consumers are still feeling the pressure of inflation.

Retail sales in December were lower than in November.

The pound fell a little in response to these data.

We are all trying to spend less so that we can heat our homes and have showers, but we are also trying to use as little energy (including skipping showers and driving as little) as possible.

Good. Keep it up – that is, down – folks, because overall inflation in the UK is now very slowly going down but it isn’t going away soon yet.

Unfortunately, we also seem to be having the longest cold spell that I have experienced on the balmy south coast since I moved here from Amsterdam. Or am I only imagining that? See also this post.

Pay most attention to food. If you’re well-fed, the cold is generally easier to withstand than if you are depriving yourself of food.


In the meantime, Dyson wants the UK to fill warehouses with goods that won’t sell so that production will be up and we can cause more pollution than we need to. Now that’s what I call “stupid”.

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