Air pollution and pesticides not only affecting men’s fertility but their brain cells as well? Or is it syphilis?

Let’s face it, this NOT the result of men thinking that Emily Atack is “easy access” and “up for it”. This comes from men who are seriously unwell.

Yesterday, I read about a man who sent a female friend a photo of his bare behind, with whip tracks on it. She’s struggling financially and the friend thought that she would be up for getting paid in return for doing SM stuff to him. Instead of ASKING HER, he sent her a photo of his bare BUM? That’s nuts and exploitative.

Steekje los.

SM has been around for a long time, on the other hand, but sending a complete stranger – Emily Atack – naked photos of you, that’s seriously unhinged.

It’s a sign of a problem. This is not proper mature adult behaviour. It’s unhinged behaviour. It’s problematic behaviour. It’s got nothing to do with low IQ or learning disabilities. It’s as nuts at jumping off a church tower “just because”. It’s as nuts as teenage TikTok dares that cost some of these teenagers their lives.

Maybe these men all have syphilis and have mistaken Ms Atack for a doctor and want her professional opinion on how serious the situation is.

That’s actually the only explanation that would still make some sense.

This, sadly, is only half “tongue in cheek”. Sending nudes to a stranger IS unhinged behaviour, let’s face it.

The difference between sending Ms Attack nudes and beating her to death is a difference of degree, not in kind.

The month isn’t even over yet.

In addition, we’ve also already had far more shootings in the US this year than there have been days. How many of those shootings came from women?

Research from 2020 found 76% of girls aged 12-18 had been sent unsolicited nude images of boys or men, commonly known as “dick pics”.”

That’s very worrisome.

I see such things as implicit rape threats, threats of violence. (Rape = violence) Because why else would anyone do something like this?

Syphilis can affect the brain. So maybe all these men who pester Ms Atack do indeed have syphilis.

The rise in hate against women seems to be rampant in the western world.

For men who’ve seriously lost the plot and thought they were being cute, here is a simple test to help you.

  • Would you send the photo to your grandmother? No? Then don’t send them to any other woman or girl either. Simples.

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