Yay for Brexit, the gift that keeps on giving


That’s 250 of the 900 seats. With about a 100 passengers still coming from Brussels and Paris, making a total of 350 filled seats. Of a total of 900 seats. Because UK passports now MUST BE STAMPED and other passengers now must be questioned extensively about what they’ll be up to in the UK. Even those who are actually running Eurostar, as its CEO.


There are several of these expensive and now unused or largely unused facilities. They cost 450 million pounds.

The local one cost 25 millions pounds, leaving the local council in the lurch for a big chunk of that (8 million) as well as the 2-million-a-year operating costs. It’s just sitting there. Nothing happens at it.

At the one in the photo, in Kent, the occasional Ukrainian pet gets inspected. That’s all.

And traditional wiring of £10 to the UK now costs 15 euro. Receiving £10 from the UK now costs 7 euro.

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