10:18 The hacking entity is at it again. Can this guy finally drop dead. Goddammit. Stupid sadistic incel baby. Nearly 15 years of relentless abuse from this entity alone (and nearly 20 of bizarre bullshit from random English folks), and it’s all perfectly legal.

It’s. So. Terribly. Abusive.

It’s horrible. It’s really really really horrible. Makes you wish you were dead.

10:51 Keeps at it. (I’m on his network and he has the ability to control everything that I do, and he does shit like move browser pages back and forth and up and down and opening pages that he pulls out of his hat, that weren’t on my screen.)

And it’s all perfectly legal because I am not considered a human being in England so human rights do not apply to me.

I’ve asked the local council repeatedly to tell me what its legal definition of a human being is so that I can figure out what my rights and duties are, if any. I’ve even resorted to civil disobedience in the past. They didn’t get the concept. They had no idea what it was. They seemed to think that it meant that I had a learning disability.

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