Strange stuff continues

This weekend, the hacker (whoever it was) “helpfully” gave me a screen hint that there was something I could do now, namely top up my phone credit (I tether), but then forced me to use a bank card to top up. I had a top-up voucher ready. Usually, when I want to use a bank card to top up, I find that I can’t do that (because I cannot access my app to approve the transaction, for example) and then I have to run out to get a top-up voucher.

I’ve also gotten two odd messages from Amazon sellers in roughly the past two weeks.

This morning, I got the same message from Google on the screen of one of my phones again. It’s always the same phone that’s currently getting these messages. Maybe it’s because there’s no SIM card in it. When I tried to take a screenshot, I couldn’t save it or share it, however. I tried several times. The buttons weren’t responsive. So I grabbed one of my other phones to take a photo.

I had tried to Google the content of an odd message that I got some time ago, to see if it was common phishing mail content, hence genuine, or not. I’ve gotten odd mails from Robin Correa and Sue James off and on that suggest that their mail accounts got hacked. This has been going on for about five years, however.

This one said “Move before it’s too late” and “You should never skip your very last opportunity”. (Not recent, but these mails haven’t stopped yet and this one stood out at the time. I’ve had similar “hints”, too.)

I know Robin Correa from a community leadership course in 2010 that was sponsored by Portsmouth City Council and I know Sue James from PCan (portsmouth climate action network) and Global Justice Now. I think Robin and Sue are both based in Waterlooville.

I’m drowning in mucus again. Thankfully, it seems to be mostly allergic in nature this time. I sure hope so. It means that taking an allergy pill helps (but only for about half a day). The incessant coughing robs me of my energy. Sometimes, I can barely manage standing, or standing up. It’s so exhausting.

Possibly it was triggered by the change in the weather?

This weekend I learned that if you want to avoid dust mites, carpeting on concrete is the absolute worst you can have. That explains why I am so often sneezing indoors in this flat. I’ve never had that before. I’ve never before had carpeting on concrete either (and I’ve always tried to avoid carpeting because I don’t like it and because it is so unhygienic).

Have had to postpone some things I had wanted to do. No energy. Maybe later this week. I hope so.

I’ve been coughing since at least 2016, but I’m a far too demanding old cow to still want to be in good health, eh? Or to want to be allowed to support myself, for that matter, and live my life in my own way.

Yes, the coughing – or rather, the lack of energy, I think – also often make me very cranky.

I often take NAC to thin the mucus and keep inflammation down. Sometimes, eating ice cream helps. Sometimes, I take a herbal sleeping pill if I don’t want to end up coughing through the night. Relaxing helps. So sometimes, I wonder if a glass of wine or a gin & tonic might help and sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn’t at all. I also apply nasal irrigation with saline, a tip I got from a doctor who I saw for my sinus issues, in the early 1980s. Things like running can also help a great deal. I also sometimes apply something resembling the veterinary techniques called coupage.

In principle – if you can control enough details of the circumstances in your life, such as flooring and avoidance of other allergens, and exercise enough – it’s all highly manageable and no big deal.

It runs a little in the family, on my mother’s side. Allergies, hay fever and stuff. One of my mother’s cousins emigrated to Australia with her family because her doctor(s) told her that she needed a different climate. (Me, I had wanted to move back to Florida; I was much healthier there, but also much happier, generally speaking. My baseline of happiness was higher there.)

But other than that, quite a few things are looking up!

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