This. About infantilising other adults or propelling them into super hero status. Relax. They’re merely as human as you.

Reading this story made me smile. It’s a feel-good story about every-day people living their lives, but other people insisting that they can’t possibly be every-day people like everyone else, and there is something quite hilarious to that.

The overall message this story gives off is a strong “hold on, don’t give up, just continue to live your life your way and they will eventually come to their senses”.

For some reason, a lot of people have a tendency to define people on the basis of one characteristic only and it’s immensely short-sighted.

Me, I remember being at my riding school and my dad being there too that day as he was the one who decided that I should get to go to a riding school and learn how to ride properly, not just on the pony next-door, but he did pick the riding school that the horse people next-door went door, and my dad instead of letting me be me turning me into “the girl who has just lost her mother” as if that were my entire identity when he talked to the guy at the riding school. I didn’t see yet back then that my dad also wanted me to be the girl who rode horses and that that is why he took me to the riding school. But you get my point. We are more than just one mere characteristic that we have or experience that we went through.

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