β€œBut of course, the main, the central, the chief point is one of principle: that the freedom of the individual is a precious and hard-won value which these measures corrosively attack.”

Did you see yesterday’s short video? A little later after I recorded that short, I discovered that someone’s been in my flat again while I was out. A page in a book is now sharply folded and points toward this particular sentence.

It’s previously also happened that a handwritten note was left in a book, among many other things.

Of course, it’s impossible to prove that I am not doing these things myself, that I am not a warped attention-seeker. I cannot and will not go around taking photos of every detail in my life all day long, including the interior of the recesses behind light switches on the wall.


I spotted a copy of that book on someone’s desk while watching a TV series. “Grayling” caught my eye. I googled the book, saw that it had positive reviews and ordered a used copy of it. It cost very little, but it didn’t have any folded page corners.

Just about everything that is below could be sheer coincidence, but book pages don’t fold themselves.

Have I already mentioned that besides the emptied CoQ10 bottle, the moved monitor (now at a crooked angle) and a few other bits and pieces I also a while ago found that a live mouse trap had been turned onto its side so that it was no longer functional? Thankfully, I have no mice; they left with the previous tenant in the flat under mine.

On the phone that I use for my videos and as an MP3 player, also for white noise, all playlists had been emptied except one with mouse chatter and mouse panic calls in them. Previously, I had fore example once found before that only music files referring to rain and water were still left in my play lists.

Recently, I’ve received several completely impossible loan and credit card offers. It’s done either to make me believe that they’re realistic or to hammer home “nah nah nah nah nah”. The latter happens quite frequently. The former occasionally happens too.

Yeah, it sounds crazy and what’s been going on has been so extensive, also geographically speaking, that it’s made me conclude that there definitely has to be some 4chan/8chan involvement.

By the way, that post about “how hackers think” had been scheduled for the 18th or 19th. The scheduling date was changed to the 23rd. I didn’t do that. On the 23rd, I pressed “publish”…

Yesterday, I also had just started two Amazon advertisement campaigns, and briefly stopped them because I figured that they were going to get messed with again by the hacker(s).

I’ve previously have had an ad campaign approved only to find that that had been spoofed, apparently.

Turns out that the short that I had posted then also stopped being viewed. Could be a coincidence, sure. This morning I had two spam e-mails about Ripple. Did that mean “Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah”? (The e-mails are genuine, I bet, but they’ve probably been delayed.) Never mind.

I’m a scientist. I have been dealing with this for a long time. For over a decade, to be precise. It took me a while to figure out what was going on. Initially, I was not at all aware of the extent of it. These days, I still sometimes get it wrong and then realize that I jumped to the wrong conclusion, but you know what? I am actually pleased when that happens. Because it means that something happened that was actually the way it should be. That’s relatively rare now.

(Yesterday morning, some other stuff happened too, on one of my computers, including something that also used to happen at my previous address here in Portsmouth, on a different computer.)

One or two weeks ago, I suddenly had only 4 e-mails showing in my gmail inbox. The rest of the page was white and the readable part of the heading of the e-mail at the top said “We’re treating you to an e-mail overflow”. I wish I’d taken a photo of it, but hey, it doesn’t matter.

A lot of the stuff that is done to me is only done to make me look or sound like an idiot anyway.

Sometimes, I get screens with for example many of my videos gone or a very old outdated course suddenly online again and the more recent ones retired. That’s usually not real. It’s intended to make me shout out in protest and/or contact companies to make me look like a fool. I am pretty sure that I am usually looking at a fake (tampered with) web page when I get such things on my screen. A mirror.

Since I moved to Portsmouth, it’s happened several times that pages or tweets had different things in them depending on which equipment I used to look at them.


By the way, I have just activated the Amazon advertisements campaigns again. (Am saying this in case someone decides to take a look and notices that they’re active – or, ha, maybe not active at all.)

This message below – with the heading “Move before it’s too late“, btw – also looks interesting… I don’t think I’ve shared that yet. I started getting these e-mails from Robin Correa and Sue James, suggesting that their accounts had been hacked, roughly in 2016. I think they are both based in Waterlooville. “Rob” is a name that the hacker(s) has often used in situations that might mean that I might escape from his control, such as when I tried changing my broadband provider, in the past.

I’ve googled the above “you should never skip your very last opportunity” but it does not seem to be the content of this type of e-mail as often reported online by others. Does not mean anything, of course. Could very well be that both individuals’ e-mail accounts did get hacked.

In 2016 (shortly after I’d been to the police, btw), I received the message “go, leave” with a reference to a conversation with a particular person in it, but that reference was something that someone could have gotten from for example an e-mail, however.

10:00: Yeah, right, haven’t we been there before? (Has disabled one of my computers again, the one that I found messed with yesterday. *shrugs*) (My other computer also was acting off yesterday evening.) (Next day: I think I’ve managed to find a way to work around that. It wasn’t booting up any longer, in a way that has happened many times before, as “punishment”.)

Looks like he /they really is /are angry about my two booklets…

12:44: Turns out that my access to a Dutch website for Dutch people living abroad (with government information etc such as about renewal of passports) apparently has been blocked by my hacker(s) again too. That’s happened before. Like last time, I sent an e-mail and like last time, I was informed that the site is online and functioning normally. I tried it yesterday, too, after I got an e-mail from them with some info in it that piqued my interest, about some folks in Brazil.

I’ve previously also been blocked out of a site in which I had to enter a lot of detailed data, but that was to do with my Dutch pensions, not because I was planning my escape again. Once the hacker(s) caught on to what I was really trying to do on that site (I posted about it), I got access again.

Did I ever mention that the third time I tried to escape from Portsmouth, a few boys were running around me yelling “she’s leaving! she’s leaving!” while I was waiting for the bus, with my two suitcases?

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