My stalker(s) gearing up again? (wa-evva)

It could be just the usual “game of trying to mess with my mind or trying to make me look like a deranged idiot”.

  • This morning, an ad for an angle grinder showed up on the site of the Guardian, the kind of instrument that had been used to cut into birds to spite me, also inside my home once. It happens sometimes that I get lots of ads for items that have nothing to do with me, such as highly advanced IT and other electronics components or that my YouTube stream has topics like “horror” in my stream and sometimes even listed as favorites
  • When I tried to google what an angle grinder is – I previously had found a carpet cutter when I searched for what had been used to kill and injure animals to spite me – I inexplicably suddenly got this on my screen:
  • Someone left the flat under mine again at around 1am* (nobody else seemed to have been present in it for a few hours) and it often appears to be empty but two guys frequent it and there most often is a very timid- and defensive-sounding female in it who used to get shouted at very loudly a lot until I told the guy (who said that he was working two jobs to support his pregnant wife) to stop shouting at his wife

I decided to check my search history on the phone in question, and I did visit that page on 14 February, when I tried to find out a bit more about that Tate character and his influence in the UK. I suppose that my phone’s browser was merely acting up, but what was the angle grinder doing in my ad – and what is it?

(Looks like this is why the hacker(s) didn’t want me to publish that updated version of “Is cruelty cool?” the other day… which I had not shared yet, btw. I had explored this for the Dutch version and that is how I had found the carpet cutter but I had never been able to find a similar tool in English at that point, though I had seen a guy standing behind his van just around the corner along Inverness Road who held one up and let it spin when I walked past one day, and it looked like the thing in this photo; also, no idea why I had an Australian search result, but it sometimes happens that I only get search results and e-mails from Australia and New Zealand, and at other times from Scotland and/or northern England, without me using a VPN)
The previous tenant would often leave at around 1am, without his dog, and arrive back 30 to 60 minutes later and he was not the type to go for a run or a stroll, at any time.

8:35: The words that I typed but could not post at 8:19 weren’t sitting in my browser memory this time. This happens occasionally, that I can no longer “update” (the button goes “inactive”). The above image is the screenshot that I took when I then tried to close the browser.

In the past, I’ve almost always gotten some advance warning when an animal was attacked to spite me. In one case, I had gotten an odd DM on Twitter that asked me how my dog was getting along with the bird… It sounded creepy, ominous. The bird got interfered with when I was out, later. I don’t have a dog. The previous time a bird got interfered with to spite me, a video I had made with them in it suddenly went garbled before they were attacked. At another time, kids threw a heavy book bag at a bunch of pigeons when I walked by; this was at Tesco. I came home to vandalism in my flat. It later happened again (in 2019, after which that professor contacted Gerald Vernon-Jackson) and it was made to look as if pigeons had been in my flat and had done that but the idiot(s) who picked the locks that day had forgotten to check that the window was open wide enough for a pigeon even to be able to get into the room.

This weekend, there were huge masses of gulls around the house in the morning, both on Sunday and on Saturday. On Saturday, someone had dropped a lot of stuff in the play meadow and that had attracted the gulls. I didn’t see anything that attracted them on Sunday; maybe it had already been eaten at that point. (When you find bird poop on a window or car, it’s usually from gulls, but it’s easy enough to remove and, anyway, the rain will often wash it away. A lot of birds don’t poop in flight.) It’s very cold and we’ve had at least two months of relatively cold weather now so a lot of birds are desperate, as desperate as a lot of humans, to find food and stay warm.

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