The bigger picture: Covid from a lab or not?

The bigger picture is that the more we abuse and otherwise mess with other species and their habitats, the more it comes back to bite us humans.

That the US needs to find out whether China is into some secret biological warfare stuff, that I get, though.

(Why the US? It is the only other super power – Russia is mostly a big pain in the behind, not quite a superpower, albeit a worrisome pain in the behind – and it has a pretty big presence in that part of the world, as we saw on CNN the other day, when CNN crew was on board of that American plane that got intercepted by a Chinese fighter jet over the Taiwan Strait. The pilots said that they get this stuff all the time, that it was just another day at the office for them. That the US does that, has a presence there is to help protect Taiwan, but also the Philippines and other countries, as China tries to claim territories as well as waters that aren’t China’s, kinda like Russia is trying to claim Ukraine.)

Feel free to share your opinion below, please.

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