Ha ha

I just got some very interesting postal mail. (Not quite local this time. One wonders why… )

I’ve won.

My stalker(s)/hacker(s)/lock-picker(s) is (are) about to lose control over me.

On International Women’s Day!

So that‘s why he was fucking with me so much lately.

No, dude, I am not moving in with you now. Or with anyone else for that matter.

I’ve won. You’re about to lose all control over me, again. But this time, unlike last time, I know exactly what’s what.

I’m not sure whether what I just got is actually legal (or even genuine, for that matter) but it doesn’t matter. If genuine, besides suicide, this too gets me out of your relentless abusive sadistic control and it’s a better option than suicide. It’s obviously not something that one chooses voluntarily, however. I’ve rejected this opportunity several times before, after all, also during my escape attempts, but I felt that I had no choice left other than this, and other than suicide, as options to get away from you now.

I know what you want me to do. You want me to add funds and try like crazy now to trade to try and avoid what you think I fear so you can fuck with that again, as usual, like you’ve always fucked with anything else that I have done or tried. Ha ha. You’ve got superb IT skills, and are very well connected,also with other hackers, I’ll grant you that. (LOL!)

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