More abuse?

Why have I off and on had so much trouble WALKING since I moved into this flat? Why did this get so horribly dramatic before the end of last year? And why am I once again suddenly very unwell and can I barely walk? I’ve often blamed it on my gallbladder or on hay fever, but that no longer adds up.

Why did someone once let me know that I had “kidney disease that wasn’t manifesting yet“?

I thought the person was angry about – or making fun rather of – the fact that my GP having left a box (for kidney function which can also an indication of the functioning of other organs such as the heart) ticked in the form when he ordered a blood analysis for me back in 2016 or 2017. But was that really the case?

In fact, I had no idea what it was about until that same woman at my GP practice – you know, that one – made a pretty big fuss about it when I collected the results. (A year later, I discovered that she was part of the gang here in town that had and has been making my life a living hell for so long.)

And why did – with no connection to the above – two people e-mail me to tell me that I needed Mg for my muscles???

In a town in which people literally have tried to get me to commit suicide, I have to ask such questions.

I just discovered that someone today quietly climbed up the stairs to my flat, and slightly pulled out a box on top of my Christmas tree so that I would notice – because of the light above it – that this card below had been left underneath it, folded.

(hacker(s) at it as I am typing this; that is, seem(s) to have reprogrammed an arrow key on my keyboard, which he toggles, ha ha ha. It’s been acting up throughout the day and the fan did its stupid deliberate gearing up – wind – too a few times)

This used to be at my door upstairs. I had stuck it on the wall next to the front door as well but it got removed instantly and very deliberately stepped on. I had found these cards at the local CAB where I got… wait for it… never mind.

When I moved to Portsmouth in 2009, my today and tomorrow went up in smoke. Only yesterday was left from that point onward.

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