The hacking interference on my equipment

I should probably point out that I cannot rule out the possibility that my phones and my computers at times are being used for something highly illegal (such as spying on women and selling or sharing of the images and videos), but if so, there is nothing I can do about it.

Every time there is a new item about for example someone going to prison for 21 months because of such matters, I can’t help but wonder whose thighs and crotch where in those many files on my computer.

For years, I’ve reported a lot of the stuff that’s been going on, to the police and to others. The police, and many others, also know about the lock-picking. So I am in the clear. Period.

I’m almost always on someone else’s network, I’ve previously found crap files totally filling up my older computer, I’ve found crap files on one or two of my phones and there often seems to be a heck of a lot of unexplained traffic/activity in my computer that I usually can only stop by flipping the power switch and rebooting everything.

One time when I found crap files on my older computer, my operating system was running out of space because a system folder that took me some time to find was filling up with videos of one woman’s crotch or more women’s crotches and thighs, likely taken with mobile phone when seated at desk in underwear in hot weather. I looked at a few, but did not examine them further and quickly deleted the lot. (Before, I reinstalled the computer including formatting the HDD.)

The files on my phone some time ago were gaming-related.

This cannot possibly be good.

Meanwhile, also, I no longer get my e-mails from for example STAT, but I do get lots of e-mails about aura reading and my other supposed super powers and e-mails from various (legit) things that I did sign up to or contact in the past but no longer have an interest in. I also keep getting e-mails from legit sites that I don’t want notifications from, such as Goodreads.

In addition, I seem to continue to get taunted with the fact that a “beast” has ruined my business and professional potential. I’ll suddenly have a white page on my screen or get an error message on my screen telling me that something no longer exists online or that my business is no longer in the Companies House records and so on and so forth.

I was sabotaged to death, in ways that are supposedly highly illegal, and I continue to get messed with in ways that are supposed to be highly illegal.

My NatWest banking app keeps telling me that I am not using the latest version, but I can’t update it. (No need to try, scammers, there’s nothing in the account, on purpose, so I have no problem revealing for which bank this app is.)

When I still had a Barclays Business account, the account balance would often mysteriously be £1 lower and then sometimes, all of a sudden, the pound would be back again.

I did not get my November electricity voucher and found that there was nowhere where I could address this and as I received the message about the current (March) voucher twice, I assume that I won’t get this month’s either, but time will tell. (19 March: I did receive it. Yay.)

I’m also suddenly getting New Zealand and Australia content again, which usually seems to refer to happenings in Southsea?

17 March 2023, 10:40: This morning, however, my hacker(s) seemed (? hard to tell, I’m no mind-reader) to be trying to make me believe that China is spying on me because Alcatel is a French brand of mobile handsets that is owned by Finnish consumer electronics company Nokia but that is used under license by Chinese electronics company TCL Technology.

Yeah, right. China is spying on me. Sure. Of course.

That’s why my previous neighbor yelled a very triumphant “Ah ha ha ha!” when my phone spontaneously rebooted itself and why I caught him going through my postal mail, leaning back against the wall. He was a spy for China! But of course! So stupid of me that I did not see that. It is so obvious in hindsight!

That’s also why the mail that day, when I accidentally caught my neighbor going through it, contained an invitation for a local online network (Nextdoor; it came from a Barry Martin in Ethel Road, envelope stamped 13 Jan 2021), which the hacker(s) then messed with so that I left it again within 24 hours after having signed up.

It was China! But of course!

That’s also why I had lots of gaming-related files on my phone a while back, so many videos of women’s crotches and thighs on my computer that my operating system was running of out space to run in a few years ago and it’s why I can’t update my British bank’s app.

It’s also why placing a timer on the socket kept the hacker(s) out of my computer for a few days some years back.

And that’s why Amazon just sent me an e-mail about stationery (that is suitable for printing business cards on) that, by contrast, contained… water quality test strips.

China is spying on me. Sure. Ha ha. Very funny.

At the end of 2019, the hacker(s) interfered with work that I was going to do for a Chinese-American technology company. That work, apparently, was for Amazon, ultimately. Then again, I’ve seen too many bogus internet pages since I moved into this flat to still be willing to trust blindly what I find on the internet. It’s known that Amazon spies on it customers, however, and I agree that helping them do that in my home country is not a great idea and the work wasn’t brilliant (understatement). But when you’re like an elephant in a concrete pit (electronic cage), you want out, and that work could have been my ticket out because it paid well enough. (I got so bored and so desperate that I even wrote to Dominic Cummings for work! I sure as hell was not getting anywhere anywhere else, so heck why not. It might actually have been fun.)

In March/April 2022, I had a video interview for a project in the US (medical, for a govt institution). There were many e-mails and next, I was asked to upload copies of documentation such as diplomas but also a criminal records check. Once I started doing that, I no longer heard a word. I asked had they received the documents. Yes. I stopped uploading further documents, some I had to wait for, because it was clearly some kind of prank again. I had checked into the company and it all seemed legit, but it may have been a very elaborate and expensive prank. I made a few calls and I also got in touch with the company that housed the data; all that resulted in was marketing e-mails in German. All I still heard after that was an e-mail from the company that offered the project asking me whether I had heard from them…

I bet the water quality tests are also made in China. I bet they contain microchips that are programmed to poison me, eh hacker(s), very stealthily, or maybe listen to me and beam back the results to China. (Gimme a break!)

(Joygain is based in Hong Kong, indeed, but there may be more companies or brands with the name name.)

Stupid. This bizarre abusive nonsense has been going on for over a decade. “no, you can’t go see a medical professional!” “no, you can’t apply for that, you’re far too stupid for that!” “no, you can’t reach out to old contacts, you’re so stupid, they’ve all forgotten about you, trust me”

Not to mention, to others, the “can you please invite her for an interview, she is learning-disabled (or “slowly going senile” or any other versions of this that accomplish the same) but does not want to admit it, give her a break and invite her over, humour me, but don’t expect anything” crap.

I’ve had enough of this bizarre abusive bullshit.

Had to reboot my computer twice within about 15 minutes before 9 this morning, when it froze, and also three or more times between 1pm and around 2pm yesterday.

13:02: computer froze again. It means I have to get up to flip the power switch on the wall, then unplug the external HDD, and start the computer up and boot back into my system again.

14:00: shitload of stuff going on on the computer again, not related to anything that I am doing. The computer did not freeze, but I shut it down (rebooted it). I also decided to reboot my phone (I tether) and discovered that it was unusually warm. This is normally a very cold phone and, no, it’s not a Chinese one, it’s my only phone that still does internet, a very old one. Internet was knocked out on both my phones over the Christmas holidays (and my SIM cards became temporarily disabled too at the time, my Dutch and English SIM cards were asking for PUK codes, punishment for not keeping my mouth shut about the abuse).

On 15 March, so two days ago, the computer froze at around 9 am and after I had rebooted, I had an empty rescued “remote” file again when I started up OpenOffice.

16:41: Computer froze again, apparently because my OpenOffice file was being saved somewhere else, too. It’s happened before, this. On a different computer. Remote files appearing and a time bar appearing when I saved simple texts.

18 March 2023, 21:24: Today, the computer froze once or twice, but I didn’t bother to write down the time. I think I got two veiled threats/warnings today. Why do I think this? Because I got a bunch of similar weird things before, the exact same weird things, and I now know what they were about. The main theme is “nah nah nah nah nah”, I suppose. Jeering. Causing as much loss as possible, losses of any kind, in my life. But maybe I’m wrong. Maybe I’m dead wrong. Maybe the message is the opposite. Quite possible. Very unlikely. Time will tell… I’m no mind-reader, certainly not of people who I don’t even know of that they exist or of who they are if I do have interacted with them before.

19 March 2023, around 7 am: When I wanted to check my e-mail this morning, on one of the phones that no longer do internet access as of the Christmas holidays, so that I use a much older phone (which I bought used) to tether via wifi so that I still have internet access, the phone (which was warmer than it should have been) suddenly went black, and an error message popped up that said that I had an unsent e-mail in my outbox. (Is this something to do with me being a feminist, as my “inbox” has always referred to my vagina in the local ongoings and I get almost no e-mail whatsoever any longer, except e-mails from Goodreads etc where my settings are such that I should not be getting the e-mails that I am getting, that are now including e-mails about Goodread members who I am not following or “friends”with, and other useless nonsense, and “mail” always having stood for “male” locally, which postie Nathan cued me into?)

Ah. Seems I am getting “effed in the a” again? What else is new?

19 March 2023, 08:15

Some stuff froze again after which I got this on my screen:

(This post was published on 28 October 2022, actually. Not today, on 19 March 2023. )

(I’ve previously had the announcement for “And we have a poster boy !” pop up in a similar fashion, repeatedly.)

Yes, I know that a lot of this, of what happened to me in Portsmouth, is called gaslighting (or at least “attempts at gaslighting”. The problem is that the locals don’t.

Feel free to share your opinion below, please.

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