Someone just entered the flat below. No talking. It’s been quiet all evening. (Besides the earlier quick in and out.)

08:46: Still in the flat, I think, though I can’t be sure. If so, one person. (I heard a clunk sound though it could perhaps be coming from the ground-floor flat.)

I got to sleep.

(I think I heard the ground floor neighbour leave for work, but that didn’t really wake me up. But I think I heard her car. If so, that must have been at six and that’s a fine time. For me, not necessarily for her.)

I probably should have started to document what goes on in the flat under mine many years ago. After Ruth moved out. But I find it fucking crazy to have to live this way. Besides, I often wear headphones and then I may not even notice all sorts of things. Plus, I had no idea that my locks were already getting picked at my previous address too.

He seems to see people like things that he can program. Or that have software running that he can study and re-engineer. Not as human beings. (Asperger’s after all, then?)

It’s possible that he had gotten it into his head that I have ADHD and that the sound the phone makes when a 2fa code or similar arrives is too distracting for me. That may have been why the phone was suddenly on vibrate. He’s ascribed a wide range of conditions and situations to me over the years.

Bluetooth is still off. I now realize that it being on was likely why I had noticed a few times that the phone was warm while it’s normally cold.

I wish that Portsmouth did not have this bizarre code of silence. But nobody here ever knows anything about anyone.

There have to be people here who know more about what is going on.

In 2010, I wanted out of this nightmare so badly that I tried to scream as long and as loudly as I could a few times, hoping to cause a stroke. I wanted out of this nightmare, so so badly.

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