Had to flip the power switch on the wall again. The computer wouldn’t switch off when it felt off so that I decided to reboot (i.e., switch it off, unplug things, switch it on and boot back into my system).

Also, it felt like my mouse was being jerked away a lot, but I don’t think that that was hacker interference.

Was getting a bad headache, time to step back for a while.

Meanwhile, Amazon had told me in a chat conversation that RoyalMail had told them that a package sent to me had gotten lost but RoyalMail just e-mailed me that they are returning the package to the sender. Hey, lol, that’s normal, this kind of stuff happens a lot. It’s laundry detergent, a kind that relatively few people use.

21:11: I want my life back. Being bored to death and mostly getting negative crap from random people around you (regardless of what exactly is behind it) in a country where you don’t know anyone, that’s been pretty much been agony for a long time. There’ve been far too many days, since I oh so stupidly moved to Portsmouth, on which I could mostly do one thing only, namely… sleep. In my view, that really really sucks. I want my goddamn life back. I want to be able to stop sounding like a complete idiot while describing what’s going on here because it’s allemaal “zo ontzettend van de pot gerukt, man”.

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