13:24: FU, Portsmouth

Tried to carry out the payment again, now could no longer access the website. That too has happened before. “Nah nah nah nah nah” Is still in my computer, too. (I can actually see it.)

I then did what I started doing about a year ago. Benefiting other people who became a victim of the abuse directed at me. They were “collateral damage”. If I can no longer do a thing for myself, and cannot escape from Portsmouth either, then I will do whatever I can to remedy that.

I’ve been making all sorts of donations, too, such as to Amnesty International, and even ordered Simon Cowell’s book because the proceeds would benefit wildlife (not that I like Simon Cowell much – compare him against Doug Willen and you’ll see what I mean – but Cowell merely had the misfortune of having grown up in England, I suspect, and he is not a bad guy). In addition, I made one or two donations to them too.

So I just paid Β£500 into someone else’s account, and that payment DID go out, thankfully. Because she too was horribly victimized by my ordeal in Portsmouth. She has a little kid, and she’s actually only now surviving here and beginning to thrive because of substantial financial support from the Netherlands. I don’t necessarily like her a lot. She bitches too much at and about older women, but I know where it comes from, and I also know that she’s gone through a lot of bad shit too, with (male) partners. I do appreciate her and she certainly never should have been co-victimized by what happened to me in Portsmouth.


She can succeed FOR me. I decided a long time ago, that when I could no longer realize my dreams, I would do what I could toward helping younger women realize theirs if sucking dick all day long was not their preferred lifestyle either.

I’ll never voluntarily submit to a “life” in which all I still do is literally as well as figuratively suck dick.

That and sustaining the occasional black eye while fibbing about having walked into a door is what far too many English women and girls are taught.

So, fuck you, Portsmouth, and as you would so lovingly add: “in the arse”. Aka “up yours”.

I raise a glass to the success of all the younger women who overcome misogynistic bullshit and who do not give up and succumb.

4 April 2023: Here is the explanation. After she received enough money from the Netherlands after her mother had passed away and the house was sold, she was finally able to buy a house here so that she could finally STOP having to move once every two years or so because of England’s stupid abusive housing laws.

It also meant that she was able to loan me some money to get myself on my feet again here in Portsmouth, but that was before we knew how immensely hostile and corrosive Portsmouth’s secrete “forces” are, that my locks were getting picked and that lots of people in Portsmouth were working hard to prevent that I would get my feet back on the ground again.

In addition, whoever was fucking with me and continues to fuck with me was also fucking with our e-mails (this woman’s and mine).

(You English folks have this idea that anyone who went to university is a millionaire or billionaire, someone from a “posh” family. That may be the case in England, with its restrictive class system, but that is not true for folks from other countries. There is no money tree in her garden.)

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