Why does Ashley of Cash Converters North End Portsmouth want me dead?

If he doesn’t, why is he apparently part of the vicious gang that has been targeting me and sabotaging my life for nearly 15 years now, after all?

I mean, where does his suddenly oh so openly fierce hate contempt for me come from?

It’s the same kind of ice-cold hatred that I have been getting for nearly 15 years now in this bizarre little island enclave where I didn’t even know anyone. It began as soon as I moved to this town.

Where on earth does it come from?

Why did Ashley last week feel that he no longer needed to hide his hatred contempt for me?

What is his relationship to that creepy Portsmouth City Council-employed woman who tried to talk me into taking my own life? I mean: WTF?!

Wtf is going on in this strange island community?

For Jane, who is only manager in name, not in reality. Shame on you, Cash Converters.

When I purchased that iPad from you at the end of 2016, Jane, that was because I urgently wanted to pay two young women who had done some work for me as part of a water management research project. It was nearly Christmas and I had promised them payment before Christmas, but I suddenly couldn’t go online anywhere any longer and other payment methods that I tried such as PayPal weren’t working out either. That iPad had a SIM card slot so it enabled me to go online.

When I returned that laptop that I had purchased from you, that was because it had already been hacked because it had been left on your shop shelves with wifi on and no protection. I figured that if I told you that, you might not want to reimburse me. Sorry. I had selected that laptop because it had no webcam; I had gotten fed up with hackers spying on me and always needing to make sure that cameras were facing wall/ceiling, in a ceramic jar or covered. (The iPad’s camera got accessed too, but I quite liked it. It had a really good camera and it was great for making nature videos. I took it to the Farlington Marshes one day.)

Btw, Ashley, you may want to read this, too: https://angelinasouren.com/2023/03/30/2330/

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