This morning and early afternoon

Other than that a somewhat unusual comment was left on a post on this website yesterday – and until now I haven’t had any comments in years – things are quiet. One thing that tells me that there may be someone in my equipment is when the screen saver does not kick in when it should. That has not happened today.

I just checked my comments. The previous comment was by Lisa E. in 2021. She had left a few other strange comments and I stopped approving them and I stopped mentioning her. I think that she may also have been the one who mentioned “my stalker has friends among the police who he successfully fools”. (Update: no, that came from someone else)

Her email handle is dontpoisonme20. If I recall correctly, I had gotten an e-mail about poisonous Christmas cookies back then and I wrote about it, but later deleted it because it seemed to have attracted this Lisa.

On 9 September 2021, she wrote the following:

“Hi Angelina,
I’m not stalking you. I’m a real person with the name you mentioned. I contacted you because I’m being stalked and I do not have much support. It seems to be a coincidence that you made a comment about being poisoned. In a post relating to your book, you said something like, people react to what sounds crazy without actually looking at the facts. Now, I realize that if you mention the word β€œstalking” people will think you are crazy. However, if you explain what is going on and they boil it down to, β€œso you are being stalked”, then it’s ok. Same with being poisoned. If you go into a long explanation about how you unwittingly ingested something, the other person will say something like, β€œoh so you were poisoned.” However, if you turn around and say that you were poisoned, then you are crazy. This poses a problem if you are dealing with medical professionals.

The group of people that are stalking me, wants other people including the police to think that I’m crazy. Even if I was crazy, that would not mean that crimes are not being committed against me. Is it possible to delete the posts with my name on them?

Can I see the posts about being poisoned with Christmas cookies?”

On 1 August 2021, she wrote the following under a post about “Travellers” (nomadic people in the UK and Ireland):

“I am a victim of stalking. I think your blog on stalking may have been altered. I thought that it used to say that if a person is a victim of stalking, they are not crazy. Is this correct?”

Her last name may loosely translate into oak forest or a wooded hill with oaks, should that mean anything to anyone.

(The person(s) pestering me over the years has/have referred to themselves as “Google” once or twice. No idea why, but within this wooded hill context it suddenly strikes me that Google is located in Mountain View. Could there be some kind of clue in that? I doubt it, but clues are often subtle and easy to overlook, so I look at everything that strikes me. Because I want my life back!)

She wrote to me first, apparently, on 11 December 2020:

“How can I contact you? I have a horrible stalking situation that I need help with.”

It’s probably just a joker. The IP addresses were as follows: ( domain, apparently, used in Denver Colorado, associated with attacks) (Mountain View, CA, owned by Google) (Charter Communications, St Louis, MO)

All my older site-relatedinfo is gone, probably because I let site-hosting lapse for a while.

Yeah, I still have an e-mail from when she first contacted me, via the contact form on website on 11 December 2020, left two phone numbers with area codes 909 (southwestern portion of San Bernardino County, the eastern portion of Los Angeles County and small portions of Orange and Riverside Counties) and 805 (southwestern portion of San Bernardino County, the eastern portion of Los Angeles County and small portions of Orange and Riverside Counties) and wrote:

“My life has been completely destroyed by stalkers. I need help.”

I think I replied after that first contact attempt, with acknowledgement of how hard this kind of situation is and asked for details but then got a bonkers response?

I just checked some of my e-mail accounts and I also have a lisababe12 at an address that starts with lisasavon1; no idea how that got into my “contacts”, must have been some spam that I deleted. Below is the photo included in the contact details.

On 12 August 2022, I got a bunch of, I think it was text messages, from “Lonnie Howard”. (Oh, wait, that was right after hacking interference had cost me around Β£200. In April, hacking interference cost me about Β£40. Shortly after, it cost me over Β£300. This didn’t help me get ahead so that I could finally finally finally get out of Portsmouth for good and reclaim my life.)

That profile next changed into this:

This has happened a lot since I moved to Portsmouth, that people contacted me whose name and appearance changed into something else. (I used to think that I was dealing with someone who had DID, for which I had some indications; I stopped believing that this was the case years ago.)

As of about 12:00, at least, until at least 13:00, there are people talking in room under me, by the sound of it, although the main room’s lights are off and the window, as almost always is open. If so, then they may be driving a small black car this time. (Not silver-grey, grey or beige-grey, this time.) License plate: V004-BVT

13:30: Yes, two people just left and drove off in a black car, so that is at least four different small easy-to-overlook cars that the various folks using the flat under me are driving. (Again, I’ve reported to the police that something may be going on like what happened in the front building too, some years ago, when Chelsey (sp?) Croucher was still living there and was being intimidated, according to someone else.)

14:15: Sounds like two people just entered the flat under me again.

The website of The Guardian looks normal today. No commercials for business studies at Harvard today, for example.

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