11-ish (continues next day)

Doorbell rings, someone comes upstairs, male voice talks. Someone leaves again, within 5 minutes. No car drives off.

11:15: Can no longer log in to a particular website. (This, btw, is a site I got fucked on last year when I started working again on getting outtahere asap; I think it is also where I got that thing about the football bets, which for the record has nothing to do with that site.) 2FA not working for some reason and got locked out.

(Possible reason can be time difference between “the network” that I am on and my real time. I’ve seen a time difference of two hours a few times (on a site with the day’s economic calendar); am not currently seeing that, but am seeing 1-minute and 2-minute difference between phone and computer, which is really odd as both are on same internet provider. There was some stuff this morning, however; see below. I’ve also already needed to throw the power off to reboot once.)

11:29: Decided to reboot everything. Computer wouldn’t shut down so had to flip the wall socket’s power switch again. Now everything is running on the same time again.

I had only reinstated 2FA on that site yesterday or Sunday, to lower the chance of getting messed with in it again. Had disabled 2FA previously. Changed the password for the 2FA authenticator at a Starbucks before the Android I was using at the time got accessed.

I also got this again this morning… WHAT network?

(I have been seeing some signs of a possible presence in my computer again all morning, but it’s not a certain sign.)

For the record, it’s possible that me switching on my computer in the morning automatically wakes up someone else’s computer.

11:40: let’s see if I can log in now…


12:15: Someone else leaves from flat below. No car drives off. (May mean that cars are now parked along the main road, where I can’t see them.)

14:00: a man’s voice and a young kid’s voice from the flat below. The kid sound like a young boy; have heard his voice several times in the past two or three weeks. Not before, I think. There is also a young woman who can sound very child-like, but it’s not her; she often speaks in a very soft monotone, does not sound like a boy. I didn’t hear anyone come up the stairs, but I had my headphones on for a while. Must be a video call with wherever home is.

14:10: everything quiet again (occasionally some sounds, but no more talking)

14:27: I did hear a man talk softly a few minutes ago (could potentially come from groundfloor flat, hard to tell, but I don’t think so). Still talking, sounds as if he is on the phone. The black car that I saw yesterday afternoon is parked outside again.

15:30: male talking, sounds like he is on the phone, lasted about 5 minutes. Sounds like he is cleaning, next, in bathroom and vacuuming. They did a lot of cleaning two days ago too. A lot of vacuuming.

16:00: talking and vacuuming again. No woman. No child either. Most definitely not the case that there is one guy living there who works two jobs to support his pregnant wife. She often does not seem to be here at all.

16:10: One person (must be guy, then) leaves. Drives off in the little black car a few minutes later.

Next day: I’m gonna leave it at that. Whatever the fuck is going on in the flat under mine, it’s been going on for years and years, in various forms, probably. There’s definitely been a lot of stuff going on there ever since Ruth Mbvundula moved out. Oh, wait a minute… I referred her to the city council when the landlord refused to give back her deposit. (In fact… she was probably owed up to three times the sum of the deposit as it had not been dealt with according to the law, but I was not aware of that at the time.)

I will likely still try to connect the various people to the various cars and get their license plates. Might be helpful for the police.

11:30: someone’s in my computer (not surprised because I saw that the time on my phone and on my computer was different again)

Also, I suspect that my tablet’s camera was used 15 minutes ago to spy on me. I suddenly saw active symbols that I had no explanation for but as soon as I checked them out, they disappeared.

11:33: after a guy driving the little black car just left from the flat below, my doorbell rang, and then the doorbell of the flat below started ringing repeatedly, so it’s possibly the same shit going on again that started on 7 February 2023 at 10pm. Not certain, however!

(After that… something else happened that now may have given me a better clue as to what is going on there.)

12:00: Second, no, third, no, fourth sign of someone in computer this morning. Screensaver didn’t kick in.

13:19: here we go again. Phones and computer are supposed to be on the same network, and keep network time, but they clearly don’t because there is a time difference again, so 2FA is not working. Last time this happened, rebooting the lot – all of it – helped. The computer battery is fairly new, in case anyone wonders. Two, three years old.

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