12:30: new intrigue?

Now something else has popped up locally that is intriguing. Am not saying what it is yet. Could be nothing. Might not be nothing. We’ll see.

I have started to wonder if the flat under mine might simply be housing a group of Amazon delivery drivers. As Amazon provides the cars, that could explain why there are always different cars. It pays around Β£25 an hour, off the top of my head.

Also, I asked ChatGPT if it had any good solutions for my sadistic abuse/slavery situation on this oh so fucked-up medieval/incel-flavored island and its reply, twice, basically amounted to “poor you, there’s nothing you can do”.

It’s a natural response to rely on things that don’t exist in real life or don’t work in real life and that is what ChatGPT does too. ChatGPT does not verify the validity or logic of anything it comes up with, it just rehashes what it finds online. If there were a thousand websites, including a few authoritative ones, that said that the moon is made of cheese, ChatGPT would happily and confidently inform you that the moon is made of cheese.

In 2010, someone who was really worried about my situation here and also contacted Portsmouth Police, wrote to me “Get out of the house!” because she thought that I might be in danger inside my house. She was right about that as it turned out; we both didn’t know that my locks were already getting picked back then. Getting out of the house would have gotten me out of the house, but would not have accomplished anything more, however.

I did get out of the house a little later that year and, now 12, 13 years beyond that point, I am still as stuck in a sea of abuse and manipulation as I was back then, except that back then I didn’t know what the hell was going on. Back then, in the end, I was often close to losing my mind as a result of all the brainwashing and sadistic gaslighting, in addition to the fact that Portsmouth was revealing itself as an utterly vile, fiercely misogynistic place back then already (even though this was even much more the case than I was aware of back then). Now, I am mostly just angry and fed up, still waiting for when this abusive bullshit stops or for when I can make another escape attempt.

Yesterday, I received something typically British in the postal mail. A letter dated April 2023 announcing changes that commenced on 1 January 2023. BT Business used to do that too. This latest blooper came from HMRC.

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