Has the mysterious ubiquitous “Rob” just popped up again?

This comment does not show up at all when I look on YouTube:

So I can’t reply to this comment. What am I supposed to post on Reddit?

This is just like for example this comment below about cutting off my nipples never appeared on YouTube either. (It somehow just gets fed into my browser on my screen, pops up, but there is no link, not to the comment and not to the profile that supposedly posted the comment.)

(Roger Downey, of the motorcycle shop next-door, who’s seen me suffer for years, has watched me live without electricity and food, in ill health and utter powerlessness, utter misery and sometimes in fear, is one of the locals who knows about this particular comment too. He thought it was all hilarious and mocked me.)

(I was really really worried at the time because everything I tried to do in terms of income that would enable me to get out of my shitty situation was deliberately being sabotaged by someone out there and I’d previously gotten this message that suggested that someone was out to destroy me because it was so much fun to destroy an intelligent person. I don’t remember if I had electricity at the time; does not matter. The jerk merely mocked me, again. He saw how stuck I was and relished my misery.)

(So yeah, this, and all the rest, as well as men of all ages – strangers – grabbing their penis and yelling something really bizarre at you or just yelling something really bizarre at you – not every day but far too often; in fact, it’s only ever happened to me in Portsmouth – is also quite typical for Portsmouth. So, yeah, I want the hell out of this vile, fiercely misogynistic town with its stupid ‘drangheta culture. And I want my goddamn life back. I’ve mostly just sat here, for years, unable to do a damn thing, just waiting for the abuse and sabotage to stop. I have made FOUR escape attempts. I have contacted my embassy and I have tried contacting the United Nations about this, and so many other people and offices locally. I want out. I want the hell out. I want my goddamn life back.)

(Hacker was still, or again, in my system just now.)

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