11:05: am watching a BBC video about a cult called Lighthouse

All of a sudden, I am watching a video by Mentour Pilot. My hacker interfered. Why? Possibly because the person who features in that video is based here? Portsmouth.

(“No,” I concluded when I decided to use the back button in the browser and started watching the video. It’s because it’s so similar to what goes on here in Portsmouth, whatever that is, exactly. There do not seem to be huge amounts of money involved here locally, but other than that, there are striking similarities.)

I’ve had two encounters with Landmark. It is similar to Lighthouse. No, they never got even a tip of a nail into me, let alone their claws.

I’d first been told about it (in an e-mail) by a marine science professor who was always extremely chipper, a very positive and outgoing person. Later, at an LTL meeting in Oxford, someone approached me who also turned out to be connected to Landmark. (The person showed up without having registered for said meeting; I had registered and was wearing a brand-new fancy linen suit, which I had bought at an unbelievable discount.) When we later met again in Oxford, for lunch and browsing books and/or an exhibition etc, I noticed that she seemed to be observing me very carefully, seemed to be looking at what I spent and perhaps also what I spend it on. (I bought Alice in Wonderland in a book shop.) Next, in an e-mail, she asked me to come stay at her home. That struck me as odd. I declined and I never heard from her again. I was a foreigner who had become very isolated in England and was open about that. She and I had things in common and initially seemed a possible good connection for me.

In Florida, I already ran into an undertaking (called Equinox) that advertised environmental jobs in a university newspaper. I rented a car so that I could attend a meeting, which I expected to be a job interview but was not at all. It was a stage performance with an audience. I saw that what they were saying, for example about drinking water, was complete nonsense, was spotted by folks who were studying the audience as someone who was not in awe. I was astonished to see the mesmerized faces around me. I was initially put under pressure to sign up by some men who later walked up to me, after this presentation part was over, but I resisted and when I attended a second meeting, out of curiosity, they decided to ignore me completely and let me go. The law later stepped in, but that was after I had left Florida. https://www.ftc.gov/news-events/news/press-releases/2000/04/equinox-international-settles-case-ftc-eight-states-nearly-40-million-restitution-alleged-pyramid

What’s been said in this BBC video, about things that had happened in the life of Jeff, that’s why it’s so good to be well-grounded and not be embarrassed or feel vulnerable about whatever’s happened in your life. Tackle it. Work through any issues you have. See also this page: https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/21938469/very-british-cult-crime-bbc-documentary/

That’s why I now have a page on my site about things that happened many decades ago. It ceased to be important a long time ago, but if people are being told all kinds of bizarre shit about you behind your back – as happened to me in Portsmouth – and if you are open about whatever happened in your past that other people may see as something to exploit you with, and show that you have nothing to hide, then you become pretty immune to all kinds of manipulation attempts and the people who’ve been told god knows what about you can see that something does not quite seem to add up about what they’ve been told about you. (At least, they will, if they have sufficient working brain cells, ha ha; not everyone does, of course, but seriously, when people firmly believe something and then are confronted with something that contradicts that belief, that can be so uncomfortable for them that they reject the new information, particularly if the earlier information came from someone who they trusted.)

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