Interesting (Good Friday 2023)

  1. This week, I am suddenly coughing my lungs out again and am having trouble breathing (and it seems to be allergic in nature as taking an allergy pill helps for a few hours ), am now also having some muscle cramps in my legs and sweating a lot overnight. As of about two days ago, I am getting commercials for very expensive organic, mycotoxin-free coffee. I have had these physical complaints before in this flat and eventually I started wondered if my lock-picker was somehow poisoning my coffee. So I started hiding my coffee (but I’d recently stopped doing this, and it may of course be a coincidence, but hiding the coffee does seem to have helped).

    Related is that I also noticed a long time ago that I have almost no water pressure. I have checked the water meter and it seemed to confirm that. I wondered if my lock-picker was somehow poisoning my drinking water and that he needed the pressure off to be able to add something to my water. I have taken a sample and sent it off to a lab; I should have done this years ago. Better safe than sorry. Better looking like a fool than allowing harm to continue without even trying to verify what’s what.

    (It’s also possible that the lock-picker decided to lower the pressure because dripping sounds from a faucet annoyed him. My ticking clock seemed to have been stopped too at some point, though it’s hard to tell why it stopped working; I thought it was broken and took it off the wall, but it later turned out to be not broken at all.)

    In addition, it’s possible that the low pressure has led to excessive toxic black mold growth inside the tap and its supply pipe.

    That said, I’ve had small leaks in my home, similarly – but more subtle – to what happened in the stalking of Tracey Morgan, each time discovered after I’d been away. In one instance, (green) mold growth alerted me to the leak.

    Remember that I have received a birthday/Christmas gift contaminated with lab bacteria (from a soil experiment) and that, among other things, various items in my flat have been destroyed or damaged – including a foldable stepping stool – and even electrical wires loosened (with screw lying in the cavity behind a wall switch that I had actually opened before to tighten those screws) and animals maliciously interfered with, and that my CoQ10 bottle was emptied. There has been a reference to “kidney disease that isn’t manifesting yet” and I’ve noticed that I seem to have lost the ability to sweat in warm weather, although the latter could be sheer coincidence. In addition, there was a hint about someone out there actively trying to destroy or ruin me.

    So I have good cause to be vigilant alert and can’t afford complacency, but admit that I am worn out by all this vigilance and suspicion, regardless of who or what exactly is behind the stuff that’s caused it.

    I have also had e-mails from two different people who told me that I should take magnesium; this was completely out of the blue in one case and perhaps a little odd in the other one. (One came from the person who sent me the contaminated gift.) I did purchase Osteocare about a month ago, but it didn’t seem to do me any good, to the contrary, and I stopped taking it after a few days.

    (I noticed that copper has the ability to cause muscle pains, chills and lung problems as well as kidney disease. I haven’t looked into anything else, and I only looked into it this morning, on a whim. I had the heat on all day yesterday and am freezing right now, too, but that does not mean that it’s caused by too much copper.)

Also, ChatGPT is even worse than I thought. It’s referred to an article in The Guardian that turns out not to exist (, by the Guardian’s head of editorial innovation) and it’s also referred to a non-existing article in The Washington Post about a trip to Alaska that took never place during which George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley was supposed to have sexually harassed students ( Who can he sue about that, I wonder?

08:15: am seeing a potential sign that there may be someone in my computer and there definitely was someone in my computer yesterday evening. There appears to be someone in the room under mine. (Heard a sound that seemed to be coming from it, but all is quiet apart from that.)

09:47: Computer froze, had to flip wall switch. (And yes, there is someone in the flat under me. Making calls and receiving texts, chats or calls. Possibly left at 10:03; door closed but not sure if anyone went downstairs, wasn’t paying attention.)

10:03: Google thinks I am in the West Midlands. When I allowed it to access my location, it concluded that I am based in Birmingham. I am not using a VPN for this particular connection and I am at my desk in Portsmouth, with location on my phone on. I tether.

10:15: Interference with my internet access? (I can’t update this post, and have to reload the page.)

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