8 April: here we go again

07:07: I’ve just started up my computer. The first thing I discover is that I’ve been logged out of this site, and out of one of my protonmail accounts. The next thing I discover is this mail that is not from academia.edu; unless they’ve gotten hacked, and this is not done by my hacker(s), how is this possible? (Let’s contact them.)

What this means is that I should probably go through this website to see what’s been changed or removed by my hacker. I also need to check out my YouTube account, because once again, it looks like someone has messed with that as well. It’s happened before.

08:08: Yes, have been logged out of my YouTube / gmail account as well. (I had done a search on YouTube this morning, on a whim and what I found surprised me, such as subtitles missing that I remember having added and, possibly, old videos online. This has happened before.)

08:10: Of course, Google believes that I am in Liverpool. I am not using a VPN for this particular connection. I tether, location is on and I am at my desk in Portsmouth.

08:50: I’ve also been logged out of the Guardian.

10:09: I repeat, the e-mail below is fake. I have received this one before, too, and many more like it.

10:22: I have also been logged out of Academia.edu

Physically, I seem to be doing better today. Yesterday, I was a wreck, but how much so only became clear when I went outside to go to Aldi. I took an allergy pill in the afternoon, two NACs in the evening and two NACs this morning. I seem to have a massive inflammation response going on? In any case, I am getting air this morning. I can breathe.

I am still coughing up a lot of mucus, though, and my muscles are still a bit painful.

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