9 April 2023, 09:23: more hacking activity

I’ve just discovered comments from 2 and 4 years ago on my YouTube channel that I don’t think I’d ever seen before. One of those videos was from before my most recent attempt to escape from Portsmouth. I played the penny whistle in it. (I stopped playing after that escape attempt because I now have a strong tendency to associate music and musicians with narcissistic, misogynistic abuse.)

I also just discovered that most of the information on my home page has once again been removed by the hacker(s). It seems to have been done overnight, but as I can tell that I am on someone else’s network again, it’s quite possible that the information has only disappeared on MY screen. The information has disappeared on my “editing” screen, but is still there when I look at the actual page, even after reloading it.

The same thing has happened before, by the way, fairly recently. What’s the message. That all I am now is a victim of Portsmouth-based abuse? That the confident happy smile has been wiped off my face forever? That I’m just a piece of excrement?

Have been logged out of my Wikipedia account.

(Still producing a shitload of mucus and coughing my lungs out, btw, but am slowly getting more air again, I think.)

09:30: Now the info is showing up again in my editing screen. Someone’s fucking with me.

For the record, the page had stopped after the bit where I say that Vernon-Jackson seemed to believe that I was learning-disabled and continued where it shows the photos of what I looked like when I moved to Portsmouth.

I’m going to remove these particular bits now, the bits that have now been removed from my editing screen twice, and will place them on a separate page.

Hacker appears to be in my computer while I am typing this, but I only have one indication for it and that one does not give 100% certainty. Removing stuff from my screen, in my browser, can be done remotely by simply connecting me to a mirror instead of to the actual page. I know how that works; I’ve used the program httrack in the past.

Httrack is a website copier, an offline browser. You can edit the pages that you’ve downloaded and it’s easy enough for my hacker(s) to connect me with a version of webpages that they’ve amended. Why? To trip me up and/or to make me sound like an idiot.

09:42: have all my tags disappeared?

09:45: Now the home page has been completely rearranged in my editing screen…

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