Have gotten ONE response, namely from Stephen Morgan’s staff, and once again, that response makes me frown (Case Ref: SM32652) AND I got a strange e-mail from LinkedIn

On Tue, Apr 11, 2023 at 10:21β€―AM Stephen Morgan MP <stephen.morgan.mp@parliament.uk> wrote:

Dear Angelina,

Thank you for copying in Stephen to your correspondence with Cllr Stagg.

You are already following the correct channels to escalate this matter. If you feel Stephen can offer you any specific support please let us know.

Kind regards,

I wrote back the following:

Dear office staff,

When I write to my MP from my business address, it’s because my gmail often does not function. You could be replying to someone else when you don’t reply to the address an e-mail actually comes from. What you do is incredibly sloppy; not even Boris Johnson would do something like this, I bet.

Also, in view of the fact that I’ve already been fighting this battle – along with many others – since when I moved to Portsmouth, which was in early 2009, I am not exactly holding my breath. No, I didn’t know anyone here; I had intended to throw a little welcoming party/reception/meet & greet for my new neighbours back then, but I never even got to that part.

I am shaking my head over these astonishingly amateurish ways.

Angelina Souren

They’ve done this before, these same folks, replied to the wrong e-mail address, which strikes me as utterly bizarre. I copied them in this time merely to inform them, agreed, not to get a response from them, but why on earth reply to a different e-mail address? That is so bizarre.

I also got a really strange LinkedIn mail – see screenshots below – with some information in it that IS related to me. That e-mail mentions one person who I know (redacted below), but with a profile description from many years ago (over a decade). The person in question is retired now and has been for some time.

This happens to be the same person of who my WhatsApp calls were recorded a few times by an unknown third party. This happened four to five years ago and it made both of us uncomfortable. On one of those occasions, the battery of my phone got so HOT that the phone shut down during the call. (I had two phones back then who one after the other got fried.) Our e-mails used to get messed with too.

All the others mentioned in the LinkedIn e-mail were people I didn’t know (although one name I think is that of an old student buddy of someone I know, but this person was not listed in connection with that other person).

And this was all because I think I had looked at the profile of a financial writer in Asia some time ago, to gauge how reliable some information might be that I had seen elsewhere on the internet? (This Amber person? Yes, quite possible; I don’t remember the name of the writer whose name I googled, but the person did turn out to be located in Asia.)

Makes no sense. One of them supposedly has a contact in common with me, according to the e-mail, as you can see, but there was no link to that mutual contact either.

Also, in spite of my contact count saying “5”, I removed all my LinkedIn contacts two or three years ago to protect them against the hacking. I should have done that years ago, at the first sign of hacking activity. So stupid of me that I didn’t. Really really stupid. But then again, who expects years and years and years of relentless targeted hacking? I certainly did not see that coming.

I know the person on the left – data redacted; whited out – but what was shown in the e-mail is NOT his actual LinkedIn profile. The description in his actual profile is different and there is a profile photo in the actual profile.
(This connection between these two people and a finance writer in Asia I don’t get… Anyone?)

I had meanwhile also contacted academia.edu with regard to e-mails I was getting that I had doubts about, and they replied that they’re genuine. The activities mentioned in the mails do not show up in my account, though, and when I searched for the involved researchers on the web and in the Academia site, they did not show up either.

A few days ago, as already mentioned, I received a really strange direct message from LinkedIn staff. I reported it but LinkedIn e-mailed back to say that all is well and that I can block the person if I want. Huh? Okay, that may just be a bot or a trainee who messed up, then, but it was still strange, something to do with the European Central Bank, among other things.

Feel free to share your opinion below, please.

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