Received an explanation from Stephen Morgan’s office

As will be very obvious to anyone who stops by on this site regularly, I often sign petitions, for matters all over the world. This can involve the sending of e-mails. PETA petitions sometimes ask us to e-mail for example Fish & Wildlife people in the US.

UK petitions ask us to e-mail an MP; the e-mails are usually sent by the petition creators.

I actually stopped doing that because I was getting a bit fed up with the bland ducking exercises I often received in return. Occasionally, I still make an exception.

That said, yes, I also recall having written to the MPs’ office about a plan to start selling NHS patient data or making them available to an American company or something like that, something that the UK government tried to sneak past the public during the pandemic. I did that from my gmail address.

Anyway, they just explained to me that they don’t actually reply to e-mails but create new e-mails and they use e-mail addresses that they have on file.

That’s why. Good to know. Every explanation helps.

Also, I was out for hours on Monday, but I haven’t seen any signs yet that the locks got picked while I was out then. (Someone was in my computer when I got home, though; I had left it on but I didn’t need to log into it, which I normally have to do after 15 minutes of inactivity.)

I suspect that the lock-picking bullshit ended on or around 31 March.

Here’s why: as of Tuesday, they’ll no longer be able to pick my damn locks anyway, the vile, sadistic abusive piece(s) of shit. Like I said before: I’ve won. My mistake was fighting back, because that made it more fun for you to destroy things or thwart whatever I wanted to do anyway. When I stop fighting back or do the damage you want to cause before you can do it, I take away your motivation and leave you with nothing but empty hands. I learned that last year.

(And then the computer froze again.)

Feel free to share your opinion below, please.

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