Another day, and here we go again?

Or is this just another one of the strange coincidences that have been in my life since I moved to Portsmouth, such as getting e-mails from Le Monde longer after I stopped needing access to its databases and getting an e-mail sent through a Dutch provider that didn’t even exist any longer at that point (no relay)?

I just received an e-mail from Vastgoedmarkt (“real estate market”). I am no longer signed up to its newsletter; I was for a while in the past.

When I tried to view the e-mail, its contents kept flashing grey and then I got the message “the request timed out”.

A second later, it did show up on my screen. Below is a screenshot.

(My screen here also indicates that there may be someone in the computer at the moment. So I am going to reboot the lot. My phone is warm too, as it turns out.)

(After rebooting, I also discovered that a program that had been messed with for a long time may now be behaving normally again.)

My location is Boy Mill Road, Halifax, HX2 6, United Kingdom (accuracy: 15.5mi or 25km). Am not using a VPN and am at my desk in Portsmouth.

(A similar view as I got a few days ago, when I was supposed to be in a park in London.)

12:59: My floor and chair have been vibrating for a minute or two… motor cycle engine outside, on other side of the building, lol. So weird, the sound effects in this building.

14:20: My HDD started rattling for no reason at all and I decided to shut down to reboot. Computer would not shut down, which can indicate that a process remained active. Yesterday and the day before, that also happened, once.

Feel free to share your opinion below, please.

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