12:09: hacker pops into my equipment

12:22: has been messing with me for a few minutes now, jerking pages up and down, blocking internet access. Time to reboot the lot.

He seems to be obsessed with these photos now, btw? Happy old me versus miserable, deflated and wary me?

15:40: My internet location is Leysholme Crescent, Lower Wortley, in Leeds again. West Yorkshire. Am not using a VPN and I am at my desk in Portsmouth.

This morning, when I walked past a woman at a bus stop along Kingston Road, she said something. No idea what. She wasn’t on the phone. Nobody else was around. As I was walking toward the bus stop, she seemed to ooze anger for me. No idea why that might be so; she was not anyone I recognized. It goes with Portsmouth, this kind of thing. I just shrug about it as much as I can.

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