Something is off with the electricity in the flat. I’ve just had the light bulb in the same floor lamp pop on three consecutive days; the lamp was not even on when it popped just now. It is on a small surge protector but that surge protection went a long time ago.

Another one also popped yesterday, with a loud bang.

So there currently seems to be something in the circuit with a large resistance. I stopped using the ceiling light a long time ago, but when it worked, it would dim shortly after switching it on and I remembered the counter current you get on circuits after you activate it, but you don’t get that effect from a simple light bulb. It would also often dim and glow in a cycle. I found that I can’t play a keyboard in this flat because there was a very loud hum on it when I tried.

My location is Regents Park in London. I am not using a VPN (because that means that I have no internet access), am tethering via my mobile phone and am at my desk in Portsmouth. The Geolocation API on a computer uses the network routing addresses to estimate your current location. So how come that this often lands me in places like Edinburgh, Birmingham and Leeds?

I understand that this can happen with VPNs, but why does my connection/location often change before or after when I have interference on my screen or when I write about it?

I just tried to install a VPN again, this one has something specifically for my distro, twic, but it doesn’t seem to be really installed.

I also decided to activate this:

Okay, the following may explain my frequent location mismatches:

Google determines its users’ location by cross-checking the location of where the IP address is with the geolocation data it has of devices that use that IP address. If Google detects a significant number of devices using that IP address are in a certain area, it will change the location it lists for that IP address.

How does that translate into real life? Does this mean that there are many more O2 users in places like Leeds and Edinburgh with similar IP addresses and is that why Google thinks that I am there? My IP address is also always blocked on Wikipedia, btw, so I can’t edit anything without logging in.

Nope, the Proton VPN won’t install on my system.

Also… I just found a sock that must have disappeared years ago because I no longer had these socks or maybe it isn’t even mine. It was now in my box of socks to be mended along with two padded-sole socks that don’t need to be mended. (No other black socks in it, no.)

My lock-picker’s also taken a black garment with a grey heart on it once, and returned it one or two years later. He certainly has a sock fetish. Besides that he has recently taken about half of my black socks, apparently, he also once took 5, 6 pairs of colorful socks from my dirty laundry – into which he tipped some cigarette ashes – and later returned a bunch of black socks for them.

Anyone who thinks that this is funny should remember that he’s also destroyed things and attacked animals.

Feel free to share your opinion below, please.

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